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Compare saiga .308 21inch synthetic with wooden ver21

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I have bought a used 21" saiga 2008 synthetic stock model and have converted it to pistol grip. Had to cut grip nut square hole "was a bitch.." Anyway, what is the difference in the rifle I have and the ver21 with wood? Thanks!

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Thanks. I had the choice of either one. I could not see any difference that would matter to me. I always knew if I ever got a SAIGA .308 I would do the conversion. The wood looked good on the other. Just wondering if theres something I missed in relation to the ver21.

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Saiga .308-ver.21


Beautiful original Russian Birch thumbhole stock and forearm.

Slant cut receiver

Original trigger group, which IMO is pretty good.

And IIRC, the barrel on the ver.21 is a bit heavier than the Sporter... But I'd need to measure to verify this.

Ver.21 has more potential as a collectors item, and commands a high resale value.

It is a heavy beast, not a rifle to lug around for fighting nor hunting... For me, it is a target rifle.

Not in the least bit tacticool, but that is not a detriment in my book.


I really like mine... But to be honest, I'd probably be happier with a really nice Garand or new commercial bolt action.




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The wooden furniture SAIGA that was beside mine had a montecarlo style stock. No thumbhole. I don't think it was a SAIGA ver21 I saw according to IZHMASH web site. But the VER 1, VER 2 and VER 21 all had the same specs in the 555 mm length.

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