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I've heard of more expensive and elusive mags, but yet to have seen one. I've read a lot of forums and see almost nothing but positive feedback. I know them to be tough as nails and dependable, but I would like to hear YHO


There are many types of mags, but few built like this 30-40 round arcuated staggered magazine, tough as tank, light as a feather. Are the Bulgarian Circle 10 manufactured magazines are considered the best polymer (manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide PAS-30) magazines because they have a true steel mounting lug in the front and in the back. While also have an internal steel reinforcing rib going down the front of the magazine, and the waffle design giving you lots of grip even if it gets wet.


If you have a 40rd bulgy snugly fit into place, and this lets you rest easy, then we have something in common, my friend.


~I've always heard people talk about circle 10's, but whats the difference between these and your standard run of the mill steel ak mags other than weight?

~Do you feel there is a better way to feed my hungry ak?

~Are all Bulgarian Mags created equal, or just those from the ARSENAL JSCo. in Kazanlak, Bulgaria?

~Bulgarian milsurp mag with bullet impressions, who makes these?

~Last and not least, is there a major design difference between the different generations?

What do you think? Praise well deserved -or- just Hype?


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I love the Bulgarian circle 10 mags. 100% never a failure. Advantage number one is they don't dent and cause feed issues. Only minor differnces between generations. Only Bulgaria makes Bulgarian milsurp mags with or with out bullet impressions, so all are equal. All Arsenal Circle 10 mags are Bulgarian milsurp with Arsenal logo added. They are my favorite mags.

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