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So I went out turkey hunting again with my Saiga 12 up here in Northern California. My hunting buddy and I had a blast! We went out the afternoon/evening before our hunt and scouted for some gobblers. We called for a little bit and talked for a while with a few Toms and Jakes and then headed back to camp when we were sure we were close to their roosts. We camoed up and went out early the next morning and set up a few decoys and called for about 2-2.5 hours before we literally were surrounded by turkeys lookin for love. We heard 2 gobbling back from up the hill and 2 from down the hill. I spotted one that came from up the hill behind us and to the right. He strutted down the hill and was spit drumming and had his full display going about 6-10 feet from me when 2 more jakes came walking up the hill to our left. They spooked the lone Jake and sent him running off. So I turned my head, took aim and popped the closest one to me in the head and sent him rolling down the hill right as my buddy popped the second one. Turkey hunting is so much fun! I cant wait to limit out for the season. I would really like to get one with my PSE Brute compound bow!






I'd love to see anyone elses turkey pics! Feel free to share them here!!

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Ya lucky bastards, nice birds!



Bunch of folks here in Alabama are pissed off, they closed this year's Fall turkey season.

Spring was good, but to close fall... They may need to rethink that before they have a revolt on their hands.


No pics from me, I haven't been in the woods this spring, heck, I've barely been on the water besides some bream fishing last weekend.

This must change! shame.gif

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