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Hey guys... and gals!

I wanted to share something with the group here, about a good group of like minded folks local to me, who invited me to join their community. We have a cool thing going on there so I felt it my duty to spread the word to all here that might be interested. Check out the links, the site, the message... and feel free to join us on facebook too if you're into that at all. Yeah I know...FB sucks bla bla bla.... Please keep the anti FB comments out of my thread or they will be reported. This is intended to be a positive thread.


Maybe you even have similar groups in other states you may belong to. Cool. We do appreciate out of state residents who want to support or join our group. In fact one of the coolest Texans I know, "that flying ashtray guy" lol just joined us last night.

The guy who runs it is a friend of mine, so I am sharing a link to saiga-12.com there, and told him I was getting ready to post these links here. He's also a big Saiga 12 fan, and I plan on helping him get it setup as badass as badass can be. He's a hell of a guy, a Patriot, and I'm sure he will soon be joining our group too. I hope he gets a warm welcome. He's mainly a pistol and AR guy, but eager to learn about the darkside...lol.


Anyway, here ya go. And remember y'all... POSITIVE please.... no negative drama about FB, or God forbid about AA Doorstops. As much as those assholes at AA screwed with this forum, we had enough back then...

Their S-12 drums STILL make good props... for doors or for pics.....victory.gif So I posted the pic below, on the group page this morning, to see how many folks there might be Saiga 12 fans and chime in. Anyone who asks, will be told yes they are expensive, but do make great doorstops and can even have other useful purposes... including but not limited to, cool looking tampon dispensers for the ladies...lol.


The main website, even if ya don't do FB..... (For some reason I can't get the link to work...) 010.gif Maybe if I delete it and try again below...


http://www.shop.ncsheepdogs.com/ - Sheepdogs Inc. They have some really cool merchandise there, like the hat I bought, and the window stickers for my truck and Racegal's little red race car.


https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Carolina-Sheepdogs/512939115407091?fref=ts - And finally a link to the group page on FB.


Hoping to get just as many of our Sheepdog members to come here to this site, as those here who want to join us there. We're ALL in this mess together.

Cheers! beer.gif



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Sounds cool. The main website link isn't working, but the store link is okay...


Trying again.... I dunno what was wrong... I copied it and pasted it direct.



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