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Wts: NFA 8.5" barreled saiga 12 professionally converted

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$2500 on a form 1 includes 2 factory 5rd mags in state of FL,
$2600 with 2 mags and MD Arms drum ,or, will split the out of state transfer but no drum
$2700 with 2 mags and MD drum and I split out of state transfer tax

Sorry not interested in trades

This shotgun originally started as a model 109 with threaded muzzle.

-8.5 inch barrel length , setup to work with saiga 12 supressor.
-Tapco SAW grip , the only plastic left on the gun
-Tapco g2 trigger and hammer set. Single hook.
- Tapco pin retainer plate, not Shepard hook
-still retains factory BHO
-Tromix bolt on trigger guard
-Tromix weld on back plate.
-Had the rear stock plate professionally TIG welded on and also close up any extra non needed holes, hand filed it till it was smooth
-pushbutton machined aluminum folding block
-The rear stock is the machined aluminum stock that RJF installs on their guns.
-RJF MOJO Muzzle brake
-RJF TIG welded upswept galil style charging handle with RJF slotted cocking knob
-The HK style sights front and rear. Machined aluminum.
- professionally coated , ceracoat but will have to confirm with RJF.
-RJF logo stamped/machined onto bottom of receiver and I believe their name on the side of the receiver.

-The Chaos rail system that they have for this gun is apparently only avail thru RJF for these builds. It is also a well built item on the gun. The top rail is hinged Krink style and is held in the rear by the top cover/recoil spring assembly.

As far as RJF machine work/ gunsmith work, despite what the Sons of Guns show depicts. .I'm slightly OCD when it comes to the modifications of my guns. They have taken their time and done things correctly and did not bubba the stuff. They shortened the barrel and rethreaded the end and even did the correct shoulder on the front of the barrel (instead of just a chop and thread that you might do in your garage) inside my barrel they did the diamond pattern of gas ports as it properly should be. Mentioned before they did work over/smooth the fcg that I had in there along with smoothing the bolt on the gun ( assuming needing to make a smoother transition due to the shorter gas system and having it operate smoothly with no hangups), I also did the slow bolt release from back to front and did not feel any spots that the bolt would hangup on while cycling.

The closest to a Tromix copy you can get without the 2 year wait. Also follows Tromix for ammo recommendation for shells and loads.

Reason for selling is I have multiple NFA shotguns and this sale will go towards purchase of a classic car.





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