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TIP2 Scope, is it suppossed to work on VEPR?

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Okay, I got a rifle that had a TIP2 scope included, but I am going to order a RUSSIAN scope for that specific Russian rifle.

I was able to mount my TIP2 scope on the VEPR .223, but I was thinking since it was designed for PSL rail, it wasn't suppossed to work on VEPR. However it mounted and the latch sure seems like it is secure. It was night time so I put my laser sighting cartridge and went outside and was able to adjust turrets to get laser dot into center chevron.

Is this scope going to be compatible of it stays on, or if I adjust elevation at the range will it also throw off windage for some reason?


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Post a couple pics of the mount. The two are somewhat different, and while a PSL might work initially it probably owunt stay that way with recoil. An AK mount will slide on like a glove and lock down tight.

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Well, whats the verdict?


Just got a Vepr Super and am looking for some glass...


Found some deals on PSL scopes. If it mounts, it should be fine. the rangefinder in the reticle isnt good for anything other than x54r. but thats fine...


How is the eye relief?

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Oh, just shot it first time last Wednesday! So, so pleased. I sighted in at 50, then 100 yard and then decided, what the heck 200 yard, since range master was willing to golf cart me the distance in Texas 99 degree heat. I'm not any kind of great shot, little shakey, but I put a 30 round mag into the target and at least 20 were the the 6 inch circle, and the other ten were within 2-3 inches.


They did extremely well together, I highly recommend. I have the big straight back rubber eyecup, so eye relief was perfect. Mine scope is the 1000m version, 1-10 on top dial, not 1-20.


What surprised me I was shooting 2 rifles, Vepr 223 and Saiga 5.45 with a 3x9. I was recording scope settings. On the 5.45, every time I changed distance, I had to adjust elevation, but on the 223, it stayed the same at 50/100/200.


I'm thinking of getting another if can find for under 100.



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