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Some of my Dad's Collection...

Most are from India, South America, S.E. Asia, the Middle East or Africa...

He has some Greek/Spartan stuff and Egyptian, but I don't have currently have pics of it..









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Holy shit Mac, your place is my zombie apocalypse fall back LOL

That's just some of it. The stuff on one wall.

Then there's the 18th / 19th century U.S. military and European swords and bayonets and BP arms...

Below is just a small sample of the total collection.

It's great to share a hobby with my Dad.







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Macbeau- your Dad could charge admission to that museum! :up:


I especially like the "braided Claymores!" :D


I have a decent variety of "stuff", but don't have any of it out on display. Maybe the next house I can finally set up my "study" like the one Macleod had in Highlander. ;)

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+1 I could have a fun weekend just ruining the patina on your dad's stuff with fingerprints.


That kukri bayonet is one of the most unique things I have seen. Modern, I would mock the guy who made it. Antique and authentic is just cool.

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The blade shapes take some getting used to. Some of his designs are Randall copies, most though are his. I spoke to Steve whenever he came to Topeka in the '90s and was amazed that he built most of his knives from leaf springs. The first one I bought from him was the fighter, just below the Bowie. The guard is integral and not added. With the exception of the grips, it is a one piece full tang design. Steve is also one of the few that actually sharpen the "false edge". Each of my knives came hair shaving sharp, top and bottom. Most were bought because I never had a American made hand built knife and were relegated to being safe queens, all except the fighter and the little sub-hilt. They are truly solid and since I won't take the bowie apart to find out, all are full tang. I'm not trying to convince anyone his stuff is better than anyone else. I like his work, prices were fair and the man paid his dues like all the others I admire, Al Mar, Chris Reeve, Sampson, Lile and so many more. I'm a bigger knife fan than firearm. I am glad they finally legalized auto knives here in Kansas. Full auto, silencers, and switchblades, what more can you ask for?

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Money to buy them all and/or time and talent to make what you want. They all look fine to me. I've had a piece of a 26^ circular saw blade in the way for several years now that I have been wanting to make into a pair of matched subhilt bowies for no other reason than that I want them.


Been wanting to do a 1500s style gunner's stilleto with spiral fluted ivory handle for a long time too. I just think it would be classy. I'd need to get a native friend do do most or all of the ivory carving though. I gotta look into the rules on that sometime. I know you aren't supposed to transport found ivory outa Alaska without getting it federally tagged to leave whole or carved by a native. Most people in coastal AK have a couple chunks laying around they found on a beach or something. Mastodon ivory is pretty common too.

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No ammo required but using a blade to defend yourself is extremely up close and personal. More so than doing it with a scoped long gun. I know a guy who had to kill an Iraqi insurgent in Fallujah with a Leatherman tool. Not the blade, the needlenose plier part! They were clearing big apartment complexes, shit hit the fan, his squad got separated due to IEDs and firefights. He was by himself fighting them, ran out of ammo after killing multiple bad guys, then hid in the dark with his NODs on and took another guy snooping around in the dark with the first thing he grabbed off his gear, a frigging Multitool! A blade/Leatherman could be your last resort.

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