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Conversion from shotgun to rifle and the opposite

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Plenty of useful info on conversions here. But to read the whole 536...something topics to get possible answers seems WORK OF A LIFE TIME. So, I would appreciate very much, any help/advice on the following questions. I have posted them somewhere else in the forum, however one should get there to answer. So guys.......


1)Is it possible to convert a saiga 12 shotgun into a saiga 308 rifle?

2)Would the cost of the extra parts be prohibitive for the complition of the attempt?

3)Is there anyone who has tried so, in the past?

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="S12KS-K" data-cid="896011" data-time="1367163540"><p>

This is retard. No.</p></blockquote>

What's retarded is calling people retards for asking questions. Didn't mama tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all??


To answer your question, no you cannot. The bolt, carrier, rails, trunion are all different. Just buy a new 308.

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anything is possible if you throw large amounts of money haha.gif and to ask on second post .

1. yes just get 308 barrel turn it down to fit in the 12ga barrel

2.get carrier and bolt from .308 put it in

3 want to get a .308 mag and 12ga mag cut the top of mag off 12ga. and stick it

around the top of .308 mag then jb weld together let dry at least 24 hrs.

4.then test fit in gun it should lock in.

5.next remove mag put some shells

6.put mag in gun pull back the bolt and load gun.


7. fill your crack pipe and fire it up because its pipe dream it cant be done.

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Thank you both Tommyid, and bobabue. As for S12ks no comment, he must be the ''I CAN SPEAK ABOUT EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, WITH EVERYONE''. And this comes directly from the answer of bobabuee. So S12ks go get a pizza and back to school to teach you how to behave. And when you graduate ask yourself why OBAMA wants to take your gun, and what is happening with guns and killings around you.

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