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Anyone know how to leather wrap?

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I've got this cricket bat (actually more than one) love it, but the grips suck on them, I've made it old school looking.


I have an improvised grip, which is narrow width gorilla tape as a base layer and then wilson ruberized tennis racket grip tape, looks OK at best, functions well.


But I'd prefer to get a real leather wrap and learn how to do leather wrapping in the process.


Looks kind of Casey Jones crazy right now heh.



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there are some good writeups on myarmoury.com


It all depends on the style you want. If it is a solid leather wrap rather than a winding, braid or weave, it takes some skill.

Usually the process is to make the core, with all the texture then find some fine grade leather that doesn't have any cure to it. (sealers lock in shape) Then you sew a tube or possibly an oval tube of the leather. This is done a bit small, and inside out. Then you turn it right side out and steam it or soak it in alcohol. (I prefer alcohol for shaping leather. It works fast and gives you an absurd amount of play and definition) You put some kind of adhesive that won't be messed up by the moisture or alchol on the grip and slip the leather over it. It is often a good idea to make a groove or relief in the grip for the seam to nestle into. You can also do things like wrap a pattern of wire or carve on the grip core. This detail will add texture in the leather that goes on over. It also helps to have things like bolsters or pommels to cover the ends of the leather piece.

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I never thought of doing the style like that. that looks pretty BA


Was thinking of what you see on old swords, that solid 1/2 to 3/4 inch sprial wrap, which I also see on old school cricket and baseball bats.

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I always thought that was a solid leather wrap, seamed and stitched, then wire wrapped, put on wet so it shrinks when it dries.

Same here

There's a guy in town that might teach me, made a few calls, the Tandy Leather I had around went south :(

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