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ARAK Guns and Black forge

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A cousin has one of these, and I got to handle it last weekend. No shooting though. 


General impressions:

Build / machining/finish quality high.

Action was VERY smooth. Enough to be surprising.

Piston did not look easy to change settings when carboned up, which is a common failing of almost all adjustible reg setups that brag about having settings for exactly that situation. I pretty much can't think of any exceptions, other than some that at least can use a cartridge as a tool  to turn them.

Weight was med-heavy. Normal for non pencil ARS with aluminum up front. 

Quasi-monolithic design looked good, and felt solid unlike some. (LWRC) Would be fine to mount a bipod to without shifting optics around.

Felt good in the hands.

Nothing looked or felt flimsy or likely to snag or like it would cause fumbling to get it to work. 

Bolt handle was in a nice place, but I would have preferred folding FAL style.


I don't know that I would pay the premium for one, but it makes more sense to me for the money than some others I have seen or tried. Recoil impulse would be a deal maker/breaker though. IMO if I am going to spend $$$ on a high dollar heavy ARish thing, it should be so smoothly tuned that you can get on target and fire away like a .22lr. If you want a super reliable ARish thing, a tuned good quality AR is that too, and would have parts commonality.It could also be both cheaper and lighter.

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That ARAK looks so tacticool, but then again a lot of folks aim for that and if it works well no problems here. A lot of people have AR lowers so if you can make an AK out of it I'm all for it.

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A friend of mine has one and he has ran the hell out of it. It's ok but I would rather buy an AK or 2 of em for that price. It is neat though. I think you can switch barrels pretty quickly.

I just don't know about the barrels, I am unsure if they use the correct mil-std barrel steel.

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