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40 Rd Bulgy poly mags excessively wobbly in M92, anyone else?

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Anyone else have any reinforced 40 rd bulgy mags and notice they are really wobbly, I've tried several styles of tapco, they are tight, the steel mags that came with it are fine, us palm mags, and a few random surplus are all nice and tight with the expected amount of play. These Bulgy's are a little loose on lock, but side to side they seem to be really thin and wobble a lot.


It is probably nothing to worry about, but I wanted to know if this was a common occurrence with these?


They are the plain flat style

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these, but there are just flat no bullets, I'll get a pic of mine tomorrow if this isn't enough, just lazy right now (I can admit it heh)



Reviews say


"These are a new style of Bulgarian mil spec polymer magazines. They are often referred to as "bullet mags" due to the bullet imprint on their sides. Let's face it, not everyone who is issued an AK can read, but just about anyone can figure out a picture diagram. nuff said. The mags have a slim steal liner in the feed lips, built inside of the plastic. Gotta look real close. These are brand new, not old surplus. In my opinion, they seem to be as tough as the Arsenal circle 10 mags. You will not bend them with your hand. I have not tried a "Russian" push up with this mag in my Arsenal SAM-7. At the range they were 100% reliable. A good value."


wish I had seen this "I have at least one of every kind of mag for the ak47. My ak is the Yugo M70ab2 type. This 40 rounder is by far the worst one. It doesnt fit the mag well right...extremely loose."


I will take them to the range before I decide the final verdict

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Yes sir, I bought 3 of them same ones for $20/mag. The 40rd smooth side metal reinforced Bulgarian mags, yes they do have quite a bit of side to side play (even more than the bullet 30rd Bulgarians). While the 30rd US Palm mags fit tightest for me (and look best) the 40rd Bulgarian mags you speak of have honestly been the best loading and feeding mags I've had.


Its the 3 mags on the outsidepost-46357-0-28809500-1368797376_thumb.jpg

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I like a little wobble in my mags. As was said before, they load easier. Also I've seen AK mags in slow mo wobble on full auto AKs in third world countries, the rifle never missed a beat, just kept on going, so it shouldn't be an issue.

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