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New Padded Cheek Riser / Rest For Skeleton Stocks

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FINALLY IT'S DONE! Woot! 027.gif


Introducing- A brand new product I've been trying to get around to putting together for a couple of years now, but simply haven't had any spare time. Between Racegal and her Mom's seamstress skills, and my idea for a cool new product I feel is badly needed, we have finally come up with a design I think is pretty cool. It is currently adaptable to fit and easily install on almost every skeleton stock on the market for AKs & Saigas, and ARs. Mostly the ones that are most in need of something like this.... the billet aluminum stocks like the DPH Arms, Red Jacket, MAA, CSS, and and the Tromix billet and synthetic stocks. Also fits great on the Bonesteel Arms and Ace, as well as Galil stocks, and the Tapco Galil style folder. Also fits factory AK stocks like the Russian AK 100 triangle, the Hungarian AMD- 65, East German, Polish Tantal, or Romy folders... Basically fits on any stock with a top tube or "comb" diameter of about an inch or less. The very small diameter bars on the Romy, EG, Tantal, & AMD stocks you will need to specify what you have so we can be sure and send the right adapter sizes. On the Ace and similar stocks, it can be loosened and swung down out of the way, similar to how the Russian Dragunov or SVD stocks' cheek rest / pads do. This makes it very nice for shooting either with or without an optic, while maintaining a perfect cheek weld against a comfortable padded leather cheek rest.


Pictures... Please check out the photos below with it mounted on the various stocks I have on my personal weapons. This post is intended to be an interest evaluation first, as well as a pre-order list in the making, to allow us to get enough of them together where we can maintain a supply of them. The padded leather covers are all hand made and sewn, so for now before making a lot of them, she and I wanted to gauge interest and start a list, take orders now for those interested, and hopefully be able to deliver them within a couple weeks or less after ordered. Eventually if and when we can see they are doing as well as we hope, we should be able to stock up ahead for immediate shipping. Gotta start somewhere though and this is now.










(more pics below in next post.... ran out of space... large files)


BONUS Feature!! Now for the really cool part. Not only are these perfect for keeping your eyes on the sights where they belong, your teeth from being jarred loose from a hard, cold metal stock, and giving your rifle or shotgun that "new leather smell" while shooting...lol.... but built into the design is a nice permanently sealed mercury recoil reducer! The standard one will be a 6 ounce with a total added weight of about 8.5 oz to the rear of the gun, something that in itself gives the Saiga shotties especially, a much better balanced feel. Between the added weight itself, and the action / reaction recoil dampening ability of the mercury shifting within the steel tube, this is a great addition to any rifle or shotgun. As with others I've installed for folks here inside M-4 stock tubes, inside AK stocks, and also the factory sporter stocks, there really is a noticeable difference in perceived recoil, as well as an improvement in overall balance.


The Installation... Very easy to install yourself with an allen wrench, via the two machine screws and two piece anodized, milled aluminum clamshell bracket included. Also comes with foam rubber padding to protect your stock from marring, though I haven't noticed any marks left on any of my stocks after installing, testing, and removing them from each one many times. The brackets are half round shaped, so they mount and fit very well on a tubular or rounded square bar stock.


Safety Factor.... Mercury.... These are not something being thrown together with hazardous materials in a garage somewhere. The Mercury Recoil Reducers I use to make these are perfectly safe and have been commercially available for years. So no worries there. They have been thoroughly tested and proven safe.


Now for prices... Due to the fact that the material cost is very high to make these, we will have to charge enough to make them worthwhile to make. I think for as much as you are getting out of it in improved feel and all, we can make them available for the very fair price of $125 per unit. We've actually already sold three. Each one will have to be custom made by hand, these are not just rolling off an assembly line somewhere in China or Mexico. If we sell some great. I really like them myself. Please PM any orders and we can get you put at the top of the list. Come Monday we will be ordering supplies for all the orders we get in by then for the first batch. Depending on how many orders we get, we may have some surplus built up for the late comers, but either way those should be ready within a week or two, maybe less. Just have to see what y'all think I guess. As more orders hopefully come in after Monday, we will be ordering more supplies to make more cheek risers / rests.


Other Options still to come... Now I'm figuring some will want a nice cheek rest to use, but either don't care about the mercury recoil reducer, or can't afford to put that much into more comfortable shooting. For this reason we will also work up a fair price for the rest of it, but omitting the costly reducer. That will likely cut the price about in half. I'll know more about this after making some to see. Stay tuned on that.


Peace and we'll both be waiting to hear from ya. beer.gif

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Couple more on the Tromix stock. I don't have one of the new billet stocks to test fit, but I'm assuming they are about the same size?






The DPH Arms and AK-100 style stocks... That's it for me except a Tapco folder if anyone wants a pic of it on that....



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Thanks man I've had a couple of prototypes and been droppin hints around here about em for a couple years. Just finally made the time to get all the details worked out on what materials to use, and how to do the sewing part of it. Oh yeah they will also be available in different colors, leather grain patterns... maybe even snake skin wink.png , and whatever other things like that we come up with. Things like suede, neoprene, shark skin, camo, zebra or tiger patterns, etc can also be done for folks with different wild looking coatings on their guns. If they make the material, we can use it for our padded covers. In other words as long as the material is available or can be sent to us by the customer even, we may be able to do custom orders to match weapons.... either something simple like brown. red, white, etc vs black leather or suede, or more complex like exotic patterns or grains, types of skin, etc.

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Yes we are still making them and I do think they fill a long time void where it comes to skeleton stocks. Just getting a proper cheek weld for a change is great by itself, but having it look nice and be comfortable, as well as reduce felt recoil... IMO that's really cool.

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