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Well I finished my AK54r conversion. I had some issues along the way and I will outline them. Some are still unresolved others have been overcome and I will share these below. I have yet to fire the rifle, I will try that next weekend and give an update at that time.

Overall the look is fairly close to what I had in mind. I might use a different muzzle device after I experiment with different models. The Romanian gas tube has a different finish, so I might hit it with some engine paint and see how that looks.


The Romanian gas tube I used required a lot of dremiling to make it fit. I accidentally discovered a Maadi (and I think a Polish) would just drop in. Look for this shape on any gas tube you choose if doing a conversion, it will make things much easier.


I found the Hogue grip was not a perfect fit. I had to sand the very edges in the front to make it work with out blocking the trigger slots. I also had to widen the inside of the screw hole. Both of these mods where fairly simple with a Dremil (Small files would work fine also).


The stock adapter from CSS is not the same color as the receiver, and I might try the engine paint on it like the other parts where the colors dont match.

The stock was a major headache for me. I used a Tapco one at first and ruined it. I do not believe there is enough material on the area that inserts into the rifle to file down effectively. I used a better quality stock with more mass to file, and got it to work eventually. It still has a gap that looks crappy to me but the average person might overlook it at a first glance. The stock is solid and I have no fears of it coming off. I might consider dremiling the grove the tang rests in to allow it to go forward a little to close the gap between the rear of the receiver and the stock. Now that the screw holes are drilled it might not be a good idea. Any advice is welcome on this issue.


The front hand guard uses a Dinzag adapter to keep it in place. The screws on the side went in fine (I did not use loctight). The small top screw would not rest in place without interfering with the gas tube so I had to take it off. I will see how well it reacts when I take it out to the range. Hopefully it dosent shift at all. The lower hand guard is a little lose. It will move up in the front and touch the upper but it will not flop around, so I can live with that for now. I think if I put something inside (tinfoil?) it might stay in place better. Essentially its a cosmetic issue, but I want it to feel flawless.

The last issue is with the Dinzag FCG I bought. For some reason it causes the bolt to stick when it is pulled to the very back of the receiver (rear trunnion). I put the original FCG back in and the problem seems solved. Dinzag had me return the trigger along with my factory trigger for correction.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Thanks Rayne


YWHIC, that's why I got the short barrel version. I scrapped my PSL conversion I had in mind when these went on sale last year. Glad I did. PSL have thin barrels and expensive/rare magazines.


I want a 20' version next.



I still have some work to do on this. Your step by step conversion posts helped me make my decision to purchase.

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I forgot to mention this step in the conversion...

The lower hand guard required me to file/dremil away material to make it fit in the receiver. It was fairly easy, I just took my time so I wouldnt go to far and ruin anything.


UPDATE 6-26-2013

I was able to put about 80 rounds in it finally, and it ran great. I can not see any drop off in performance from the stock configuration. Of course having the typical AK ergonomics helps since all my AKs/AKMs are in correct configuration (No thumb hole stocks).

I got my Dinzag FCG back awhile ago and it works great now. He took off more material on the hammer and the issues I had at first vanished. His customer service was excellent in correcting the problem.

The lower hand guard retainer held in place fine. One screw seemed to have loosened a tad bit, so I put loctite on them so I dont have to think about them anymore.

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