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New to reloading. What beginner to you recommend?

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Couldn't find a thread with the info I wanted So I'm making a new one. Sorry If this has been overkilled one too many times.


Anyways, I'm looking into reloading for 12 gauge, and 45 acp. Eventually after I get into the swing of things. I will move onto .308 reloading.


If i could get a few links or info about beginner kits what to look out for in terms of good or bad kits. I'd appreciate it.


Thanks guys

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MEC 600 Jr. press for the 12 gauge.


Lee single stage "O" press. Not the challenger... I think its the CLASSIC... the one without that little silver plate on the side.


Sorry the MEC isnt really a "kit" but they are VERY GOOD presses for the MONEY. You can get the Lee single stage in a kit...


I had a thread about reloading basics listing pretty much everything you need to get started.




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RCBS is good to go. Start with a single stage. In my option it easier to reload a bottle neck round than a straight wall. So I dont know if there was a reason you weren't going to start out with .308 as well. I got no exp with shotgun reloading so mainly just rifle rounds I've loaded. I've done 30-30, .300 blackout, 5.56, and .44 mag with lead cast bollites. The biggest pain was getting the cases just right with the .44 so as to not shave lead and cause build up in the for and not putting too much bell on it to cause a bulge.


My best tip is to spend money on a case prep station. Most of the work with metallic Rounds is case prep.


It's been a bitch to find primers and powders locally for be so good luck. I've got 200+ cases primed and bullets to load them in .308 but can't find powder.


Really if you want to save Money just loading 45 it's going to take a while. If you load some other more expensive round like the short mags and what not you'll make your money back quick. You have to think it's going to cost a few hundred easy to get started.

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My suggestion to the single best spent money that's an extra is a case prep station. Like I said I've only got exp with metallic cased ammo, the biggest time spent is on case prep the stations that are motorized will save your hands and fingers.


The list would be press, dies, powder measure, scale, lee auto prime or some other way to prime your cases. In my option the auto prime hand primeing tools is the way to go. Also youll need calipers and I would look at those blocks to check each round that it will chamber. And a tumbler would be nice as well, a tip on that is to go to the pet store and get a bag of lizard litter it's crushed walnut shells and cheaper than purpose made media. That's a good start but youll also need a case trimmer. And that's where the motorized station would be handy. To chamfer deburr and cut the crimp out of primer pockets.

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RCBS rock chucker is the press I'd get.


I also like RCBS dies as well.


And I forgot about books. The more the better. You really need to look at least two sets of data when working up a load to be safe. Hondogon (spelling?) website is awesome.


Here's a really good case prep center. It's pricey but I bet you would love it.



Here's a cheaper one.



There's others out there for cheaper. At the very least I'd look at a power trimmer.



For a powder mesure or thrower I use a hornaday but you should be happen with about anything other than a lee auto disk.


And get a good scale I use a RCBS beam scale. I only really use my scale when setting up my powder mesure if your going to weigh all components and try to make super match ammo for 5000 yard shooting lol you may need a digital.


I think the mec loaders are kind of the gold standard in shotgun loading. You could just get that really cheap lee loader, in fact I'm thinking about trying that my self. There's just so much to loading shotgun ammo, lots of components to keep stocked.


How much money are you looking to spend? I think would dictate what you can buy. Are you going to buy both set ups at once (shotgun/pistol)? Goodluck and let us know what you decide.


Also have you heard of a turret press?

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This is what I have started with.




I went all lee for simplicity and for cost savings as I am on a budget. The only thing I have added to that list is the lee quick change plate system.


Finding some dies and presses currently is also going to be hard. I have seen many places out of stock or so godly overpriced I was like I will wait.


Lee has alot of information on their website granted its for their stuff but it can be used as a reference http://leeprecision.com/frequently-asked-questions.html

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Thanks guys just want to make sure i get the right stuff here. The point of reloading is to save money after all haha



You will *NEVER* save money reloading over just buying the ammo... It is done to increase consistency and accuracy , and to just ENJOY the hobby... 032.gif

Sure you can reload any cartridge cheaper than buying it... but when you figure in the BULK expenses... it never works out... but you ALWAYS have stuff on hand to load WAY MORE than you could have bought for the money!!! :lol: Clear as mud??? hahahahaha




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The thing about it I'd time if you factor in you'd time at just say min wage you will be paying much much more than just buying, unless your loading something like one of the short mags or something like .338 lapua

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