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Ordered my first NFA item.

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Congrats on the can! That was my first as well, it won't disappoint.


It sounds awesome after the first round pop. My primary host is a Glock 20, which has a lot of blowback. The amount of gas to the face is much more manageable with my friends' 9's and 45's. It sounds awesome on my 9" 300 BLK SBR with subs plus it's lighter than my 762SDN6. Great can overall.

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I'm thinking about a .45 can. Any reason you guy chose the silencerco over the tirant? From reviews I've read they are pretty much neck and neck, I think I'd prefer the classic look of a round silencer. Although i do think the osprey looks good on a HK USP. If I get it it would be going on a 1911 so I think the round can would just look better.


So did you guys consider the tirant? And does silencerco or AAC warranty their .45 cans on a .300 black with subs? I've got a 9" AAC .300 blackout upper and if it's good to go according to the manfactor then that would be a much better way to go than getting the 7.62sdn6 which is the silencer I was seriously thinking about.


Is the tirant is good on a .300 then I'll just look at a cheaper can for my S308 and ar15 and bolt action, in fact I may be a direct thread, I'm normally totally against a thread on unless it's going on a precision rifle but I may change my mind on that.


Also congrats on taking the leap.

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after watching a good 100+ videos and reading a ton of reviews between the two. I came to this conclusion.


The tirant looks more appealing because it has the classic can shape and in my opinion easier to screw on faster.


The Opsrey is a hint better at suppression but to the degree you can only tell when electronically tested. plus you get to deal with the oblong shape.

It really comes to personal pref and i honestly would have went eitor or but on the FN forums guys recommended the osprey over the tirant. SO i went that direction as well.

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That's pretty much what I figured out reading reviews and forums. I'm prefer AAC since I'm less than 40 miles from them. But I have to say that the osprey looks like it was designed to match a USP perfectly if I was going to run that HK I would seriously look at getting that can. I was "this" close to buying a tirant and FNP tactical .45 package for 1800 but ended up with the aac .300 9" ar pistol instead. What's the FNX compared to the FNP?


That FNP tactical with tirant looked awesome.

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The FNX tactical vs the FNP is more internal than looks. I guess they built the fnx to be more accepting of all different brands of 45 compared to how the FNP was extremely Picky I had both. well the regular FNP 45 then I got The FNX tactical after i sold the fnp.


noticeable difference in my opinion.

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Edited to shorten:

I'm thinking about a .45 can. Any reason you guy chose the silencerco over the tirant?

So did you guys consider the tirant? And does silencerco or AAC warranty their .45 cans on a .300 black with subs?


1. I chose the osprey because it suppresses as well as the tirant (according to the forty or so youtube videos I watched) and it is low enough for stock glock sights.


2. I'm not sure if silencerco warrants it on a 9" 300BLK. They did a test with a

with 300BLK and said subs are okay over on silencertalk.


If you only want to run subsonic ammo and suppress pistols, get the osprey/tirant. If you want to suppress rifle rounds, get the 762SDN6. My 762SDN6 gets used on my 308 AR and (when I thread the barrel) my 7mm mag. On my buddy's 5.56 AR15 it sounds better than his saker. It is the best rifle can for the money.


You could try a Liberty Mystic. I see it as a great general purpose can if you top out at the 300BLK power-level (rated for supersonic 300BLK), don't shoot larger than 9mm diameter, and don't want a dedicated rimfire can ( it is user servicable).


This IMHO is the best silencer setup you can buy:

Silencerco Sparrow

Silencerco Osprey 45


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