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What's super nuts is that you can find high end .22 ammo for a good deal right now. When crap ammo is 7 cents a round, the price of all the target and super fast stuff isn't all that bad. The bulk stuff took the greatest hike and the production quality went down one RCH. Still better ammo with the machines on high than most other countries.


My prediction is that it will be difficult to find much common plinker ammo in mid june to mid august. The scalpers will be rampant for dad's who want to blow stuff up with their kids camping and on the 4th. At the end of august things will change and people will have good cheap ammo again. Full production will continue, new companies will pop up. Ammo will become a micro commodity.


PM me if you really need some .22 for camping. I'll trade up for your Izhmash gear. :)

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When the Gandermountian stuff showed up on SLICKGUNS.COM last night, since it said free shipping to store and wanted to see what the total would be with 'hidden charges' - sold out in less than 18 minutes even though there was going to be an extra $9 surcharge plus local sales tax. So for the average person just over $6 box average since it was limit 5

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I picked up 22LR win white box 500ct for under $25 @ the local walmart last night. First time I've seen 22LR @ walmart since Nov,

Shocking I found 45acp also for $21 per $50 on federal.

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