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R&R Saigas dominated our annual three gun match

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My friends and I host a three gun match once a year and for Alaska its a big match. We had 35 shooters this year. The top three places in Open were all with shooters using R&R Saigas. My friend Ken took first, I got 2nd and another shooter from Kenai took 3rd. There were 4 R&R Saigas in open total. Here are some videos from the match.





I had a great time but I am exhausted. Shooting the match was great but ROing, handing match director issues and set up and clean up and scoring took their toll. I only got about 6 hours of sleep over the last 2 days but it was worth it.

Would like to thank all the sponsors for the match I will post the list up later we had a ton of good sponsors and a great prize table.




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I am in Seward we host the match down here. We have done them for about 6 years now. There are 4 of us who put it on. 2 are from Anchorage and me and another guy are in Seward. There is a good match coming up on June 15 and 16th at the Birchwood range. It was great last year with good prizes and good stages. I will send you a PM with contact information.


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Got the official range report typed up.

We had our 4th annual 3 gun match up here in Seward. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We had 10 stages over 2 days with a precision rifle side match. We learn a bit every year on how to get better and this match feels like it has ran the smoothest yet. We had a good group of shooters. Also the division we pioneered up here that we call Production is getting very popular with nearly as many shooters in it as Tac Optics. I wanted to create a division that was not a gear race for new shooters. Production has limited 10 handgun rules from USPSA except of course no major or minor, Shotgun is borrowed from heavy metal in that it must be a pump 9 rounds at the start and the rifle is the same as regular limited irons or 1x optics no magnification with one change only 30 round mags max. This division is very popular with the new shooters just starting out and with those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on the newest gear.

We had a food vender on sight and we had scheduled meal breaks. Squads flowed smoothly from bay to bay. We had borrowed steel targets in addition to our own from all the clubs in the state pretty much from Fairbanks, Anchorage and Kenai. I want to thank those clubs for letting us use their steel and for helping design some of the stages.

Wanted to put an special thanks out to our sponsors which were very generous with us. 9x23guy one of our team of match directors worked hard to secure donations from over 25 good companies and we had a prize table that was just awesome.

Tech wear usa


Primary Arms


Gun Goddess






XS Sights

Northern Security Supply

Battle Arms Development


Dawson Precsion

Get a Grip

Krieger Barrels


Stag Arms

Targets online

Vortex Optics

Wilson Combat


MVS range



Match Results were as follows.

Open Divison


1. Ken 886.255

2. Pat 841.837

3. Cody 682.97

4. Nicholas 655.651

5. Jim 632.593

6. Robert 629.918

7. Manny 607.089

8. Brian 537.103

Tac Optics Divison


1. Kelly 904.989

2. Scott 840.171

3. Cody 770.723

4. Matt (2nd Gun) 711.899

5. John 692.38

6. Dennis 522.51

7. Alan 521.808

8. Ed 509.376

9. Mark 503.298

10. Matt 498.776

11. Rusty 468.057

12. Jerem 455.096

13. Renee 440.472

14. Charlie 169.391

Production Division


1. Ken (2nd gun) 877.837

2. Ben 834.883

3. Dale 764.433

4. Matt 736.647

5. Ryan 680.859

6. Josh 645.821

7. Tom 540.271

8. Damion 515.446

9. Mike 490.985

10. Chris 431.182

11. Cory 399.714

12. Tom 369.72

13. Kirk 314.319



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