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I built a 300 blackout ak and it was a lot louder than at ar upper I replaced it with. It's still worth suppressing a ak, for your hearing sake and just to be polite to others in the area. And if your shooting at something alive it can be very handy for it to have no idea what way to run eg I got three red deer in under 10 seconds recently as they ran towards me after the first shot (308 supersonic)


Have used mainly lead pills for subsonic and have never had any of the issues people seem to be worried about.

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That's a total miss conception about giving up your rights under the 4TH. The ATF can ask you to produce the weapon at whatever time, they will call and make an appointment to meet you and they CAN NO

Look here in the "NFA section" and you don't need a licence. What you really want is a good trust designed for the purpose, and a tax stamp. The cans are feasible, but transferable automatics are very

So, from this, I take it the best way to protect a stamped item, if you are worried about your demise, and inheritance by others, is to run a trust? Is that the consensus?

If you have never molded before I would think about just a 2 bullet mold. That's been suggested to me. Something about letting the mold get cooled if your bot fast enough. Also if you are sure you want a 4 bullet mold I'd get a bottom pour lead pot.


I havent molded yet. I was on a quest to find lead and that went very badly, I had one tire shop give me some wheel weights and that was a semi truck shop so they were huge weight and I'm not sure if I let some zinc get into my lead mix so I kind of got dis courage and slowed down my quest. Now I'm looking at roofers to get some pure lead. Down side to that is I'll have to add some tin. so I'm kind of looking at my next move but see it pointless in buying molds if I can't get a source of lead.


I was looking at loading .38 an if you can get cheap or free lead you could shoot .38 cheaper than .22 long rifle.

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They come up for sale every now and again, but they're usually complete rifles because of the relatively low cost of the upper versus the cost of the registered lower.

subguns.com has excellent classified ads.

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