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Some of you guys know I paint military miniatures. here is my latest.


120mm figure depicting Cpl Chuck Lindberg who carried a flame thrower with company E, 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division On Iwo Jima.


He was part of the group of warriors who raised the first American Flag on Mount Suribachi.


.45ACP shown for relative size reference.







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Very nice and very detailed,right down to the shadows. My old man was a flamethrower Jarhead with 7th engineers in 'Nam in '63. He would've really appreciated that figurine Marine!

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Nice work. Where did you get the miniatures?

There are a number of places that sell them. I have been using a place called Colorado Miniatures.

Dave, I am sure i'm not the only one who'd like to see more of your work.

I did these three last year. All 120mm.

how many hrs?

I honestly could not say Drew. Somewhere between a lot and too many.laugh.png

I wish I could paint like that!





Verlinden kit?

This one is from a company called Regimental S-4. Verlinden does ake some nice kits though.

The Saw gunner and Special Ops figure are Verlinden if I remember correctly.


Thanks for all the kind words gentleman. I really like the history aspect of this hobby.

I have a WW2 paratrooper and a Morgans Rifleman c.1777 up next on the bench.




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How many hairs on the paint brush? 1-3?

What power maganification do you use typically?


As I told Drew, I really could only guess. Probably somewhere between 10 - 20 on the painting.


A close or equal amount in building the figure depending on the kit.


Magnification is just a pair of reading glasses.


I noticed the skills for this kind of work are similar to shooting skills. A steady hand and sharp eyes.032.gif



Edit: just re-read your post and saw you said hairs on the paintbrush not hours on the paintbrush.010.gif

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