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Anyone else into Tomahawks?

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Let see them TOMAHAWKS!

The Cold Steel "Rifleman's Tomahawk" really isn't a tomahawk in my book. Too long (22") and heavy. - more of a two-handed affair. That, and it's cast and not fordged.

I am a huge fan for the H&B Forged 'hawks.








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I took a tomahawk-making class earlier this year, taught by Darryl Nelson of Puyallup, WA. This is some of his work:

darryl rams head

This is the 2nd one I made. It's a 'mouse' 'hawk, made from folded and forge-welded angle iron, with a hammer poll.

My mouse hawk, hot


My mouse hawk cold


My mouse hawk, hafted

The first one I made, I fucked up the eye when I welded the head shut. It wound up being too big for a mouse handle, but too small for a full-sized handle. I also had a hard time getting the edge to curve properly. Other than the goofy handle sticking up an inch past the eye (which I suppose I could trim), it looks a lot like #2, but uglier. Dollar bill included to give a sense of size.

My first Two hawks


This is the third and last one I made. It's forged from rectangular bar stock; the eye is hand-punched, with a hooked poll, and a charred haft:

My 3rd hawk, with spiked poll and punched eye


I almost fucked up the eye on this one as well; I stretched one side out too much, weakening the eye. Some judicious welding kept it useable.


The class was a hoot. And they all throw nicely, even the first one with the goofy handle and edge.

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I thought this thread was more recent, but it's from last year... wink.png




+1. This has already been done Macbeau. grimace.gif



Looks like a thread that should have been moved to the Blades section...


That... and I am looking for folks here who actually have and use their tomahawks; not just who can find cool ones on the internet.

I actually use my hawks on a regular basis and prefer them in general field-craft (or as a weapon) over a knife alone.


Macbeau sends...

Edited by macbeau

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Well, you just posted some pictures, you didn't ask for test results or usage videos! ;)


I have just a regular hatchet, axe and 5-lb. maul. Also various edged forms of ass-kickery (some high-quality and some wall-hangers), so I think I'll hold off on getting a 'hawk... for now. :)

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I used to have a Cherokee tomahawk head that my dad gave me, but I donated it to a museum when I was 13, cuz I was afraid I would lose it.


But I do want an Eagle Talon from RMJ tactical.




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Got this originally to be a thrower, something i didnt have to worry about messing up. Now it stays in my work truck in the door. I friggin love this thing! Itll easily cut/puncture car doors n whatnot lol.


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