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Okay so I signed up for a tactical rifle course, and was required to bring a chest rig, or vest.

I'm not entirely happy with the one that I ended up with, as it seems it was designed more with the AR in mind than an AK (go figure).

Anyhow I'm looking to replace it, if I can't get it to work comfortably, and would like suggestions.

What I need is to be able to carry 8 30rnd mags (AK47) and an additional 260rnds of ammo.

So tell me what works for yall?


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If you go with one particular vest or plate carrier you can get mag shingles for whatever particular weapon you choose to set it up for and the MOLLE/PALS will allow you some flexibility on placement of your mags.

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I just picked up a Condor Molle Chest rig for my S12 but I'm using modified triple mag(AR/AK, double mag for S12s), triple pouches on it. The ones with the flaps. It was $25 at out local tac shop. I could run my RPK off it allowing me to carry up to nine 30rnders AND nine 40rnd mags and a drum in the drop pouch. I found you can get a dump pouch and shotshell pouch in between the two triple mag pouches if you slide the mag pouches one slot over, looping the outer molle strap over the quick release attachment strap.


They had one with the mag slots built in for about $35, but I don't know how well the 30s would fit. Pretty snug I would think as I have a double taco mag pouch and the AK 30s fit REAL snug and just a bit tall.


Good luck and let us know what you go with. Love seeing others set ups.


Oh, heres a pic of mine with the S12 mags.


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Forum business member "Strike Hard Gear" Quality at mass produced prices. Don't see exactly what you want, give Todd a call. Got a custom 308 chest rig on the way. Padded H harness in Ak will work well, plus done with added shingles after 1st four built in. Can get a 4 shingle, went with double 2's. Reason, except for full load out (8) 2 extra centered give better cross over movement when on horseback or atv. Or can attach to backpack along both sides. Except for your course or in an active war zone, 8 full time gets old fast. Picked up a Pantera Polish 8 Ak mag vest in Old Yugoslavia in 90's. Dang great overall build, and had added built in bags and pistol mag pouches. Extra padding in all the right places. Quality is your main goal on whatever you chose, price is not always in relation to quality or durability. Enjoy and good shooting.

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Ok, as known, I'm a big bastardsmile.png . "Strike Hard Gear"  came in and did initial trial using a Quad runner and just some range use. Lot of adjustment, high or low chest. Have a couple rigs at 2 or 3 times the costs. Quality is excellent. Learned that the padded harness is WORTH every penny if wearing anything less than a heavy sweat shirt. Switch from 4 to 6 easy. Can get the 8 option by adding double 2's or the 4 shingle. Added a  molle holster for Sig 220 or 1911 on right, extra double mag pistol pouch on left. Got the AK rig for sons Christmas gift. Mine is a 308 for the M1A or the Fal. Thermold or Standard metal mags both fit good. We do a lot of horseback, motorcycle, or quad. Either farm or for sheriff's patrol. So regular vehicle or walking use will be easy, if it works in wind blown use. P.S. Todd gets a thumbs up. He talks directly to you, custom rig delivered in a week.027.gif

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