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Planning for conversion - Would like sound advice

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In the research/planning stage on moving the FCG forward and would like advice on the best brand of FCG conversion parts.


First off I read the "Sticky" on conversion and read some previous post. Considering some post were up to a few years old and my plan may or may not be slightly different than what some would do, I thought a new post would (Hopefully) best answer my questions.


First off, of course I am talking about a S-12. I currently have a Phoenix Kick-lite recoil reduction stock with pistol grip and would like to keep the same stock if possible. Of course I have to remove the pistol grip off the stock. It is easily removed by removing one bolt. I plan to buy a differnt pistol grip though as I would prefer one with finger grooves.


Here is the biggest concern/question. I just want to do a simple conversion to get the FCG and pistol grip forward. I have read about various makes of aftermarket FCG's on the forum. But as I mentioned, some post were somewhat outdated and some kits were noted as better or worse than others, and some were noted as requiring alterations to other existing internals. So I would think some previous FCG's that were previously mentioned as being not good or so-so may have been improved. Or some that were good a few years ago (although unlikely) may have been changed and are now problematic. Or that some require some level of final fit and finish. i.e. grinding/beveling.


So assuming I can still use my current stock, what brand of basic conversion FCG is reccomended that will give me solid/reliable performance, smooth trigger etc that is plug and play. I prefer to get a FCG where all I have to do is remove the necessary parts and simply install the new FCG and it works. I think I read a previous post where some FCG kits require some form of alteration such as modifying parts by grinding/filing etc. I simply want to remove and replace and the FCG work.


I also recall reading where some aftermarket FCG conversions parts (although functional) don't function as well as others. I wish I had remembered where on this forum I had read it so I could copy/paste it so I could dicuss it in more detail on what the downside was with some kits.


So, that being said, what brand conversion FCG kit would be best? Again, I stress that I want (if possible) a kit that is simply plug and play requiring no modifications to the new or existing parts. By modifications I mean like having to grind, file, modify or otherwise to get the internal parts to function as intended. Yes, I know I have to drill out rivet/pins etc to remove the existing FCG and plug some holes.


By what I read, I was thinking about a Tromix brand FCG kit. And in regard to my Phoenix Kick-lite stock, I would like to verify if there is no reason I can't stay with it and simply remove the existing pistol grip from the stock. Not sure if the existing pistol grip would attach to the receiver after conversion or not - but that is not a concern because I want a new pistol grip with finger grooves.


I would greatly appreciate any input from those who truly know the pro's and cons of various FCG conversion kits. And, the feasibility of using my existing stock.



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Ive used the tapco fcg and the texas ak designs fcg and they are basically the same had to do a little grinding here and there on both. That being said I believe css has a allready modified fcg that you sldnt have to touch which sounds like what you wanna do .


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