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Best Bulk BirdShot

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So I'm still relatively new to the MKA 1919/ 3 gun/ shotgunning. What brand(s) of birdshot have you guys found to work well/ suck in this weapon system, specifically in the 10rd factory mags (if that makes a difference)? I've been shooting Walmart Winchester stuff lately because that's all I currently have/ I've been able to find, and I get intermittent feeding issues (FTF and FTE). I have heard that Winchesters aren't the best, partially because they have a weaker hull that deforms easier than other brands. On the flip side, I've heard that Remingtons hulls are a little more rigid and feed better. Dunno where I heard this from, but any insight to this topic would be greatly appreciated.


On a side note, I have a Tooth and Tail Armory upgraded AR-12. Does anyone know if it is advisable to use Tromix Gas Booster Bushings with Tooth & Nail Armory drive blocks or any of their other components to help cycle bird shot?





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the Winchester universal sucks in 870 i get a hull stick about ever 15-20 rounds and have to use both hands on the forend to get it open. i use the federal since when it comes to bulk at wally world it that or the win stuff

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For me, so far besides the 00 buck that all seems to work, Remington Premier Nitro Sporting Clays has worked the best, including 10 round mags. On the other hand the Federal Hi Brass loads for some reason did not work well in 5 or 10 round mags. I have not tried anything less than 1300FPS, and probably will not. The Winchester AA Super Sport is supposed to work well, but I have not been able to find any.

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