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Mountain Man

Cost Analysis: Saiga & Vepr 223

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I have really been wanting to get an AK variant in .223 and I have a chance to get a used Saiga for about 475 or a new Vepr from Centerfire Systems for around 875.


I have researched both of them and am trying to figure out if in the long run the Saiga or Vepr would be cheaper to convert. Here is what I have in mind for the build, and also to note I would be sending it out to have the Saiga Conversion done or Vepr Bullet Guide install because my DIY skills are pretty limited.


Here are a list of the features I would want to add:


  • Pistol Grip
  • Bonesteel AK Stock
  • G2 FCG
  • Bullet guide or whatever would allow me to run the widest variety of 223 double stack high capacity mags.
  • Handguard/Rail System (Chaos or Damage)
  • 922R compliant

Those are just the highlights but for the cost of the conversion and included parts, what do you think the best route would be, as far as a combination of cost, time, and overall functionality?) Thank you!!!


Also does anyone know where they have the Vepr models w/o the integrated sights? I checked Centerfire and Classic Firearms, no dice...

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I went with the SLR-106 bulg. AK from K-var as my .223 ak choice it has AK-100 folding stock and a 1 in 7 twist in the barrel.

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I have both the Saiga in .223 and the Vepr in .223. The conversion process is just about the same . I picked my Vepr up from centerfire for $499,but mine has the angled receiver. I like the Vepr more,but that is just me. The Saiga is a fine rifle also and you can run the slightly modified 35 rd Orilite Galil mags in them also, so that is a plus. Saiga is a bit lighter than the vepr and can use traditional buttstocks where as my vepr cannot. The cost to convert will be just about the same given your desired features.

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Saiga has a wider magazine well on it so mags are easier to find more options that will work in it.


There are only a few mag options for the Vepr without widening the mag well.

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