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If I could have a do over on pistols

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I was looking at what I own now in pistols and thinking about some of the ones I’d let go. In a lot of the cases no big deal but there were some that now I could kick myself in the ass for selling or trading:

1st one was a Colt Combat Commander in 9mm, nice gun I shot it well but I was new to semi-autos (slow to switch from revolvers) and had a few issues that now I know are easy fixes but then it just seemed like a problem. Got a used/abused one years later I was going to rebuild but the moment and magic was gone.

2nd is actually 2 guns I bought and sold at the same time, S&W models 14 (38 Spl) and 17 (22 LR). I had been using them for years and while I’m sure as hell no Jerry Miculek, was pretty competitive with them (NRA Action Pistol and Steel Plates). Decided I wanted a S&W model 19 (357) and a 1911 ended up with a S&W 66 that I never was able to shoot as well as the 14 and I didn’t have the 17 to practice with anymore.

Last one I really miss was a 1911 (45 ACP) I made and put a hell of a lot of time and effort in, but not that much money. Got one of those Safari Arms frames with the single finger grove, milled the slide for a S&W revolver rear sight, cadmium plated it all, and had an one of a kind slide release that worked beautifully for a left handed shooter. Was shooting a match in Alabama when a guy offered to buy it at a price I just couldn’t say no to (I could now). Figured I'd build one just like it again, well I never have even come close.


Well that’s my tales of woe, what did you let go of that now you miss?

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Hmmmmm!? Nope never had a gun I sold that I later missed. To me they are all just tool, no sentimental value. Sure I liked some more then others but no real attachment to any, even those I still have

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what did you let go of that now you miss?





sold off a SVT-40, I bought as a impulse buy, if anything else, not a "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh a SVT-40 gotta have it!". so that one I don't miss or wish I never sold it off.


the other 2 firearms I sold of was during the frenzy panic buying times that came around before the second election , a MADDI S/A (century import) typical rough and poor quality bolt carrier and bolt milling, crappy finish, but it shot great. I have 6 AKs so this was a extra one and a poor quality then my others. can't remember what I paid for it back then when they hit the market, but I'm sure it wasn't over 200. sold it for a indecent, YOU DIRTY BASTARD! HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!, amount, and a additional AR15, yeah, I'm going to hell for that one as well haha.gif .

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yeah in some cases it's sentimental, had the S&W revolvers a long time and the 1911 build was something I was quite proud of. to some degree the regret is in gun I sold or traded seemed to shoot better than the one I replaced it with, that may just be my memory covering up for some shitty shooting done with the new gun.

doing deals for "I'm screwing someone over" amounts of money is something I'm more than a little guilty of, in bans there is profit to be made.

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Sold my hardchromed HK P7 PSP for a 5.56 Imbel FAL. Kinda miss the definitive 9mm pistol. . . but not at the sake of the unique FAL rifle.


Haven't sold anything else; broke the cardinal rule with the above. Never sell one of your firearms! haha.gif

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I regret selling all three long guns, but not so much the 5.7 pistol.


I really regret selling my 6.5mm Swedish Mauser. First rifle, ever.


I really regret selling the Winchester 94 in .45LC.


And I really, really regret selling the chinese knockoff Trench Gun (replica Winchester 1897)


But you would have to kill me to get the PSL, SVT, or my CZ.

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