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Factory 8rd needs to be fit?!?

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IIRC, every mag sold with a new commercial Saiga, is factory fitted to that gun.

There is enough variance to mags and magwells, that fitting a mag shouldn't be any surprise nor cause for concern.

Heck, if anything I would be more comfortable knowing it fits my gun well.

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Yeah. If you payed attention while unpacking, I bet there were pencil marks of your serials on your factory 5. That was from when someone did a quick and dirty fitting.

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I haven't had to fit any mags to the s-12 yet, but my m10-762 required several of the surplus 30 rounders that I bought to be file fit to it. As said there seems to be a lot of variance in the fit on these guns and I attribute that to variances in the stamped parts used. On an AR for example, you rarely have this issue since the magwell is broached to a specified tolerance, but AK style mag attachment relies on the stamped catch, and the front lip of the receiver cutout to mainly control the fit of the mags. When you add another stamped part (on a regular AK) into the mix that is just more tolerance stackup to deal with, or in the case of the s-12, you can still have this issue with molded mags built to a max tolerance when used with a gun made with a slightly oversized catch. Personally, I take the time to identify any issues with the mags I use and just modify them as needed to flawlessly function.

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