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Vepr Rifle Quad Rail

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Thank God someone else is making these! A couple obligatory questions:


  1. Projected release date?
  2. Projected price?
  3. Will they fit the V1 and more importantly the V2 Integrated sight models?
  4. Will they fit all calibers?
  5. Does you have to swap out the gas tube? Please say no!

Thank you, there is a desperate need for new Vepr products!!!

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I really am just wondering if the quad rail will work with the Vepr version 2 with the integrated sights? If I buy the tri-rail which works with the version 2 will the top half work with it as well when you finish production? Thanks for the help!

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1.These are in production now and should start shipping next week.

2. MSRP $95.00 online at $85.00 give or take a couple bucks

3. They fit both, however the top rail will block the sight picture of the integrated sights V2 ( I believe). There is a groove in the middle of the top rail pic, that works for the long sight radius for the V1 Veprs. You can purchase just the tri-rail (lower) currently for around $75.00 for V 2.

4. They fit all calibers.

5. No these are drop in parts, when you purchase the quad the lower handguard is already drilled and tapped for the upper. that just screws on to the lower. You just re-use the handguard screw without the loop to attach the lower.

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