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OEM threading???

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In light of how my new rail makes my saiga look, I am seriously thinking of going SBS with it.


What I need though if I do this, is to have it threaded to the same pitch as is currently on it. I have the factory threaded 19.5" model. I want to keep the existing thread pitch cause I have a choke set and a FH for it already, and I could then also get one of the barrel extensions listed on RAA's site (If they ever actually import anything) for it, and still use it for hunting quail and dove down here. Nothing screams Quail destroyer like a Saiga12. See, they are "Sporting" After all.


Any way, Tony, or anyone else, if you know of a way to get the factory threads onto an SBS, let me know. Also,

I would then just set the gas system always on the 1 setting, and have the gas ports opened up enough to allow the cheal shells to run on that setting. I run a buffer at all times, so receiver beating is not an issue I worry about.


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Threads can be easily be cut by any machine shop. Take the barrel off and have it cut by a smith or a machine shop to your specs and then have it threaded. You dont need a die to cut external threads. Its always best to give the machinest cutting the threads a gauge or female threaded part so they can check their work to make sure thread fit is good.

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I know someone who has a die that will cut the oem sized threads. He even made a TAT for it to fit the S-12. The trouble is you also have to cut a "step" in the end of the barrel like the factory ones have or the chokes won't seat right. Tony didn't you make a special cutter to true up or recrown the muzzles once cut back? Could you make a similar cutter that could be powered by a drill and shave down that extra 5/16"?


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I have a picture of my tat and die set up in on my gallery page. Also a picture of Tony's crowning tool.

The thread pitch is M22x.75

Cobra has dibs on it when I let it go, but my gut feeling is that it's a money pit project for me and that if you have a machinist with a lathe that cuts metric threads, that would be the best option unless your pretty good with projects like this.


1)Barrel thickness variation on some barrels is excessive.

2)Because the die I had made is a solid hex die, it cuts to spec on the first pass (full depth), so you have to back rake about every 1/4 turn or so. A split die would have worked a lot easier.

3)That pesky step on the front of the barrel still needs to be hand cut some how, or turned on a lathe.


With a lathe you could true the barrel diameter and cut the threads, then just cut down the step to spec. I made the tat as a project on a bench top lathe thet was too small to feed the barrel through the chuck. The kit I made works, it's just a bitch. I'm not sure what kind of results you would get if you had one of the barrels with excessive thickness variation. Bottom line, if you don't have some type of background in machining or fabrication work it might be a risky project to take on unless you have extra material to work with.



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I could make a hand turned tool that would cut the setback at the muzzle concentric with the ID, not a problem. But it would take quite a bit of time.....which means money.


I would not be comfortable installing any type of choke on a Saiga barrel without first truing up the OD with the ID. Its not an issue if you plan to just run a flash hider, and using a die for that is probably OK.


The barrel OD runs anywhere from .877 - .887 and some are not even close to concentric with the ID. The OD of the OEM thread is .865 which doesn't give you much meat there to true up the OD/ID before cutting your threads. So, even after cutting the OD to .865 prior to threading, the OD may still not be concentric.

All I can assume is the Russians didn't give a shit, and just did it anyway. I noticed that their choke tubes have a angled cut right where it meets the muzzle, so I suppose any offset between the two just "funnels" the shot over to one side and out the choke. That is going to deform some shot and certainly not be good on your pattern.


Where did you get that M22.75 die?

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Newman Tool in Canada made it, $130ish (ouch). I promissed it out to Cobra shortly, if you have any interest in it after that I'm sure I can let you have it for considerably less if you have a need, possibly barter for something. Had hopes of cutting it loose to board members, but the whole process isn't very user friendly without a good lathe.

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