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Anyone have an experience with one of these on a Saiga?

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Haven't tried it, and honestly it looks good.


That doesn't speak that well for it though. Looks aren't everything, especially with that company. Spotty track record, sometimes good, sometimes bad.


I can think of a few spots where it would work well. Looks very Scar-ish. The cheek riser shouldn't be needed in most sight setups.


That is all assuming it works as well as it looks however.

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Putting a solid stock of any kind that's higher up on the receiver relative to the bore is expensive. Ridiculously expensive. RDAK-M4 is $70 just for the adapter. Then you need a tube and a stock. It is a solid solution, just very expensive.


It's nice to see designs come out that are simpler and actually available. Whether this thing is durable or not doesn't interest me. People continuing to expand options does interest me. It's a simple idea that anyone can build on.


Much prefer this design to a AR buffer tube adapter. It'd be awesome to see multiple vendors take this idea and build on it. Modern butt-stock functionality in a more stock AK rear trunnion friendly package.


If this thing locks up tight and the adjustments locks up so it's very hard to accidentally adjust the LOP then just hope they didn't use some shitty polymer ala tapco t6.

One thing

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The TWS receiver block uses screws in the receiver holes for the original FCG, in addition to the rear stock screw. This makes for a really solid mount. With the super solid lockup and the vast array of AR stocks, I think its a hard system to beat.

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Anyone got it since last comment made?

Any updates; shared experience?


I love my MOE on tube adapter, but open to this one-piece assembly, if quality of design/engineering and materials is on par, or not far behind the Magpul's.

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yes..i had one on my vepr12..but i did not like it very much so i returned it...it does not fit square up to the reciever so you have to trim it back with a file and hammer it down with a rubber mallet..the polymer construction seems to be strong..here is a pic of it on my v12..





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