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After some mods a trip to the range

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So as you can see I did some work on my rifle

  1. got a montecarlo cheek rest with a velcro strap.
  2. did the RSA trigger job.
  3. Following Zagumennyyilya's lead on a temporary bedding solution, I used rubber from an innertube to bed the barrel as well as the front and rear of the action.
  4. not to mention fixing the wretched color of the stock, yea I know it wasn't a performance upgrade but damn it had to be done!




Yesterday I got a few mags down range using some ammo we tried last time and since ammo prices suck I found some Armscor USA 147gr FMJ which replaced the Hornaday match ammo I used last time. A few things were very apparent. (all tests were 20 rounds unless otherwise noted)

Armscor USA makes some very good ammo that really gave my Hornaday test(premod) a run for its money



Winchester improved greatly despite a few flyers at the start



and Remington Core Lokt still sucks!



Following the tests I decided to try some traditional 5 round groups with the armscor ammo which was all that was left in my bag. on average with 3 groups I was over 1.5 moa which most likely was all me. My second group however I was absolutely ecstatic with the result breaking into sub moa territory with .823 moa.


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Thats great! Good 20 rd groups, you are using the top mount scope mount right? I find that on my super, with the side mount, if I apply pressure to the side of the scope the receiver flexes a little. It springs back and not very noticeable but it still bugs me.

I have the top mount version.

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3 shot groups only tell you so much about whats going on. I usually let the barrel cool for anywhere from 20 - 40 seconds, at most about a minute. considering the thickness of the barrel it should be plenty of time. a 5 shot group will give you better statistics about your shot placement and performance of the rifle. as far as the Hornady, crap man rounds are expensive and to top it off Hornady has ceased production on just about all of their most popular rounds like all 7mm. and just about everything .308. if you search around snipershide you can find a huge list of everything they stopped production on.


I am using a Falcon Menace 4-14x44mm if you look back on some of my other posts I gave a few pics and better info about it.

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