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manual for saiga 410 help

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Hey guys and gals, where or who can I call to get a manual for my newly acquired saiga .410? I am not having much luck locating one and no one in the county knows about Russian guns, I would like to know more about the gas adjustment knob before firing it, I see a 1 and 2 stamped on it, mine will turn freely with 2 fingers counterclockwise 1/4 turn, Is it suppose to be snug or tight? Is the 1 and 2 suppose to line up with the front sight, I do know 1 is for 3" mag shells and 2 is for 2 1/2 shells, so how do you set it?

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Everything you want to know is on this forum, and several other places across the internet. You do not need an owner's manual, and the Russian manual sucks anyway. Snug, turned all the way will be your setting for more powerful ammunition, letting the least gas through. Try everything on that setting first - if it will cycle a shell, you do not want to allow extra gas through. Clicking it back to the next setting will increase the amount of gas, which will be needed for lighter loads. Overgassing your gun will stress everything, and hammer the shit out of your rear trunnion. Never adjust the gas further than those two settings.

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Agreed. The manual is pretty much use less.


Read all the postings in this section of the forum, and you'll learn everthing there is to know about these.

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I've not been on here for a while so I don't mind answering your questions. 1 is for 3" loads, it doesn't have to be tight, just run it down and back it off to 1, if it has some wiggle back and forth that's no big deal. 2 is for light loads, a lot of people say that even light loads function fine on 1 so I wouldn't set I to two unless you had some failures. You need 2.5" mags to shoot 2.5" shells, they won't feed from a 3" mag.

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To remember I came up tith the phrase:


"One is hot, two is not"


I also used a little white and red Brownell,s lacquer stix for the stamped lettering to reinforce which setting was hot.






Both of these image are of my 12 but I did the same with my .410.



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