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New at Redwood Marine

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Just got this email tonight, not sure why I'm on their email list..I'm sure Spetsnatz will snatch this one up!!

New at Redwood Marine!!!!

Come check out our new

Nemo Omen 300 Win Mag AR!

** Currently in stock **

Saiga 7.62x39

1 left in stock!!

.22 LR ammo

.223 ammo

* Currently in stock *

Our store is full of ammo!!
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Obsessing?? Not really, just got this email in my inbox (probably because I emailed the marina months ago to fact check that fellow). I thought it was slightly amusing to see this show up yesterday.

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And you're obviously AN armchair internet grammer nazi, and from my brief experience with you, you're probably AN asshole too. But maybe not, we've just met and I'm already pre-judging you.


Have fun getting easily irritated by meaningless forum posts on the internet.




You're **AN** armchair internet commando. "AN" always precedes a word starting with a vowel.

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Hey don't sweat the "pre judging", or judging or whatever you meant to say there. I am a definite asshole. I had fun calling you out on your "fact checking" of Spetsnatz by actually contacting this guy's lgs. Or wait, you just wanted to check on 7.62X39 ammo. I got a little amusement out of ya, but now you have bored me. This is a useless thread so I'm done commenting further.


Now get on out there and see if you can't find some more info on ole SS. Maybe calling Redwood Marine will yield better results? Best of luck!!


Oh, just one more thing before I depart, make sure to start a new thread when you get some validation on this banned user. Fill us all in bro!! Peace.

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