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Csspecs steel S-12 mag production prototype pictures

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Ok this is the first production prototype. First to be built on full tooling.   These still need to be sent to testers once we get done with the testing on our end. But odds are its going to look li

Here is them with a finish.. I'll try to upload a video but my internet has been glitchy the last few days.    

Cameron I'd hang on to your dies and planning, nothing says that these actually work. Plus I'm kinda a small production shop, so there may be room for two. However you make great milled parts which is

Posted Images

Hopefully they live up to all expectations.


The first batch of test models which are at heat treat/metal finishing are hand cut parts rather then laser cut. They all fit our test shotgun with good lock up.

Hand cut parts are about three weeks faster for prototypes but they can have occasional deviations. Odds are one or two samples is going to have an issue. Average part deviation was .008 but it compounded to .03 on some of the samples, the computer design shows that to still work but testing will answer what actually happens.


I still have to go through my list of testers from way back, I have not emailed anyone yet. I'm probably going to get a feeler gauge caliper and file to send along with each sample.


My testing showed that harder shells did best(fed bulk rem game loads), soft shells worked for two cycles on average(Winchester bulk). Our tests show that our follower design gave 30% less resistance to upward travel which may mean a shorter or softer spring would do better. High speed video will answer that once I get a finished sample in hand.

It appears that the lack of resistance on the follower allows the rounds to rise rapidly causing them to impact the bottom of the bolt somewhat hard.

This impacting flattens the front of the round remaining in the mag and lowers the feed angle of each following round.


I'm probably going to send three springs of different lengths as well to zero in on best function.


Thanks for the info.

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I think some of the lack of activity in this thread can be attributed to the lack of activity in this entire sub-forum. (Saiga 12). This section used to be popping all day and night, now there are very few posts in this section. Please don't let my comments get this thread off subject, I am only adding my opinion to the previously referred to comments on activity level of this thread. Carry on..

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I'll have them in hand in a few days. I'll record a few test firings and send them on to testers.. Which I still need to pick out.


I would love to be a tester as I am sure everyone else would, but if I can help, please let me know.

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Alrighty, have 11 in hand with a finish.. Heat treat/ Metal finisher was experimenting with them a little, so a few parts got heat distortion and had to get straightened.


I still need to test fire them, and take measurements before sending them out.

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If you want them test fit in a pile of guns, I have about 50 S-12's in the shop at the moment.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to get out and test fire them a bunch.


Tony Rumore



I'll take you up on that once I make corrections. Currently I already know I have to change something, so I don't want to waste your time.




We did part of the test firing. One thing that happens now that they have a hard finish, is that the mag pops the magazine latch and falls out, I see the problem and it can be corrected on production models. We shot a bunch with them before sending them in and had no issues, but this needs to be fixed before sending off.


We did observe them being hard to dent even when mostly full, falling roughly 5 feet onto rocks.


One or two of the mag bodies may also have an error, so I may be down to 10 or fewer samples.


I have a half dozen videos of mag dumps while holding the mag in, but I don't have an SD card reader in my new computer so that will have to wait until I get to walmart tonight (need ammo too).

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Progress indeed. Getting exciting. On a side note I have to say it is great the way CSSPECS has kept us up to date, and allowed us to be involved, on this and the .308 mag process. It is really cool to see how these projects progress from a customer want, to concept, to a finished product we can buy. Very cool.

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I think GunFun is right about most folks being ho-hum on new mag announcements for obvious reasons......


A pile of finished prototypes goes a long way to building interest though!

Very nice!


I have a mag budget that was set aside for DS mags...... rolleyes.gif

That budget will go towards these mags now.

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