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Shooting the Super Vepr 308 at 458 Yards.

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So I went to the mountains recently and was shooting my super vepr 308 at 100 yds testing some ammo that I loaded up, I bought some Speer 168 gn HPBT target match bullets and loaded them up with 45 gn of Viht N550 powder, That load showed the best accuracy out of of that combination of bullet and powder. It was about 1.8" groups to 2.25" groups at 100.


As I was shooting I noticed that I can place my steel plate a good distance and shoot it safely, So I drove out to the farthest visible point and placed my Plate, The plate dimensions are 16.5" wide and about 18" inches high, I drove back, set up my shooting table and used the scope mill dots to range the distance and according to the mil dot calculator on my phone, the distance was 458 yds. It may be plus minus 10 yds but I am not gonna worry about exact. I also wrote down the drop data for every 50 yrds for my load out to 550 yrds. For 450 yds the drop was 2.89 mils based on an online balistic calculator.




I used the reticule to compensate and placed the plate in the reticule with the top of the plate on the -2.5 mil dash and the bottom of the plate on the -3 mil dot. When i fired I heard the distinct clunk of the bullet impact!! I have the 5 rd magazines for my super and all 5 hit the plate, I dont know where on the plate they hit because i have shot at it form the 100 yard mark before and its riddled with impacts. But I could see the dust kick up from around the plate when the bullet shatters. Next range trip, I am gonna take a few videos and post them, maybe even farther than 458 yds.

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This is the steel plate i was shooting.


This is what my scope reticle looks like, The scope is a Burris MTAC 3.5-10X MIL/MIL with G2B reticle






Here is where we were shooting, at the bench is my younger brother, for the bench I attached a net to catch the brass so I dont have to go chase it everywhere. To the Right upper corner you can see the 100 yd paper we were shooting, and to the left by the two big piles of logs you see a red rectangle, I added that in to see where we placed the plate, it wasnt visible in the photo.

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