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T&N forearm mod

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For a little background, let me start by saying that T&N products are top-shelf in my opinion. So don't take anything written here as negative against T&N.


I've never been a big fan of firearms that require a "tool" for disassembly. So the 6mm allen wrench to seperate the upper from the lower isn't exactly what I desire. Anyone whom has added a T&N forearm to their MKA knows about the "alignment plate" that as provided by T&N which requires removal of the operating rod to remove the bolt. Because of my desire for an easier to disassemble firearm, I chose to remove the knobs from T&N's "alignment plate" so that the bolt can be removed without removing the operating rod.


T&N's directions indicate that the lock-up without the knobs may allow a slight movement of their forearm. I'll attest that although being very careful with the fitting, the slight movement was also more than I would like on a firearm. Especially when you mount a front sight on the T&N forearm, this was not ideal for my setup.


So overall, what I did was used permanent lock-tite to mount the top-rail on the T&N forearm. I didn't want there to be any movement. If there were to eventually become movement, then I'll probably attempt to also "pin" the top rail to the T&N forearm.


Once the top rail is firmly mounted to the T&N forearm, I drilled two holes that I inserted 2 split-pins from a box of AR parts that I had available. I ensure that they both bottomed-out equally into the top rail. Because of lacking any better method of doing the next step, I simply aligned the top rail on the T&N forearm with the top rail of the MKA upper with the help of a Magpul AFG to alighn the rails. Then I took a rubber mallet and whacked the forearm slightly towards the MKA upper. This peened two marks for me to drill into the MKA upper. Keep in mind that what I just described was the best way that I could figure out exactly where to drill the receiving holes into the MKA upper.


Well overall, I don't have to remove my operating rod to disassemble the bolt and when my T&N forearm is mounted, it's ROCK SOLID. There's absolutely ZERO sideways, rotating, up/down play between the forearm and MKA upper.


I like my modification. What do you think?







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Looks good. What prevents vertical flex? -- Just interface with barrel and gas system tube?


The "alignment plate" that comes with the T&N forearm prevents prevents flex in general. This plate along with the barrel and operating rod prevents movement in the T&N forearm.


T&N even provides instructions that tell you how to modify the "alignment plate" if you want to remove your bolt without having to unscrew the operating rod. Their instructions warn you that it won't be as positive a lock-up if you modify, but that was my choice. Again, just trying to eliminate "tools" to breakdown for cleaning. If the operating rod is stuck after a day of shooting, then you'll need something like vice-grips and a piece of leather to get it removed. Therefore, I chose to modify the T&N provided "alignment plate" so that my operating rod could be lock-tite in place.


Many people may not even care about the slight "play" when you modify the "alignment plate", but it bothered me since my irons are mounted to the T&N forearm. Cost of modification was probably 20 cents and some time with a drill...

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Great mod. Would it be possible to use a low profile quick release red dot mount that goes half way on the upper and half way on the picatinny on the forend, you could then lock it down after you have tightened the forend nut, would this save drilling and making a permanent mod to the upper. Or is there a better way for those of us who own a drill but are a little reluctant (because I am not very good really) at attempting a more permanent job.

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