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Shooting steel: EMS Small Arms Systems' modular targets

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RE: Shooting steel: EMS Small Arms Systems' modular targets.

Shot it recently: a lot of fun and practical use.
Hope to get a loaner for local event.

Targets are armored steel; 12 gauge leaves sad splatter, and not a ding on it.

Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/EMS.S.A.S

Video (no FB account required):



CAUTION: I always wear "eyes" and "ears", and on first try got hit with .45 FMJ slug back into chest, shooting from under 10 yards.

No big deal for a chest, but could be a serious injury to the eye, if not protected.


"Eyes" and "ears", Shooters!


Happy Shooting!

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You had a bounceback and got hit in the chest with a .45... That doesn't sound like fun. I was hit by a bounceback at an indoor range by a 115-grain 9mm before - I didn't even get bruised, but it definitely damaged my pants and burned me. Hit me far too close to the groin, and melted what was presumably a plastic element in the blend. Scared the hell out of me.

Did you get burned/bruised?

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Did you get burned/bruised?


No. It felt more like a hand-thrown small piece of gravel, not even a slingshot.

It hit me in the upper chest, few inches below the collar bone, and bounced off.


It was stupid of me to get that close (we were shooting multiple targets at various ranges, and I moved closer than I should in excitement).

(Note to myself: stay cool and keep the distance).


I was even thinking: what if target was angled toward the ground (via angled hook cut)? Then bullets would get deflected into the ground.

I don't have close range steel shooting experience, and won't pretend I know anything about it...

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It's very rare - but it does happen. An angle makes it much less likely to happen, yeah. If it bounces straight back, the only energy it has will be whatever potential energy was stored by the material it impacted - essentially, the target acts like a very ineffective spring, and sends it back with only a tiny fraction of the energy it originally had. But it's still pretty hot.

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Do you think it is the new harder steel that caused it to come strait back like that?

I believe so.

We were also shooting 12 gauge slugs (from the "safe" distance: 30-40 yards), and they splattered without leaving a dent.

Spray painted over, and it looked like new: no dings at all.


I'm going to propose EMS selling a "musical kit" targets sets.

I'll take "Mary had a little lamb".

(However, "It's a small world" will get me more motivated to shoot the heck out of targets, lol!).

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I shot a course of fire on small steel poppers at ten yards with FMJ 9mm. Nobody got hit by a bounce back but I damn sure was expecting it. One of my guys did get peppered in the face shooting 5.56mm frangibles on steel in close quarters. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR EYEPROS! Looks like a damn fine target system.

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FYI it is preferable for steel targets to hang angled a few degrees towards the ground to reduce deflection. This looks like a well thought out system so I'm surprised it doesn't have that feature. If you look around at other manufacturers offerings, most steel target hangers are built this way. (Gongs excluded, goings rely on the swinging action to absorb most of the energy.)


Usually you're much more likely to catch small fragments of jacket than actual intact rounds. Typically these are all moving at relatively low velocities so its rare to break the skin, although eye protection is mandatory. Injuries are much more likely up close (I don't like getting within 15 yards) and with high velocity ammo like rifles. Most of the literature I've seen recommends against shotgun slugs but if your plate showed no damage then more power to ya. Also be aware that everything in the area gets covered in a fine lead powder, so you know, safety precautions and all that.


I have gotten to absolutely love that musical "PING" that signals a hit!

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