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922r Calculator/Worksheet -- Open Sourced

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I haven't been around for awhile, been working on other projects away from Saiga rifles and shotguns.


Some of you may use my 922r calculator. I get about 17 hits per day which is a lot, considering it is a fairly obscure topic.




I recently made the project open source, so anyone can clone it as long as they follow the very basic license which is included with the files.




Basically, this means that if my calculator disappears for some reason, you can always get a copy from github.com and host it yourself on your own web page or whatever. The license allows for you to use it for commercial work, so you can host it with an advertisement or something if you want, I really don't care.



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Interesting that someone here made that. Thanks for doing so.




I have been warning people away from that because last time I looked (~3 months ago) it was using some out of date / incorrect info. Specifically, on the Saiga shotguns, more recent letters treat S12 s as having 15 parts rather than 14 since now they count the "bolt carrier extension" as an operating rod.


Yours comes to 15 parts but does so in an incorrect way. Specifically, the sear and trigger are only 1 part (considered to be the trigger) and yours counts them as two. Yours misses the "operating rod" which would be the piston on a normal AK rifle. More recent opinion letters still treat the puck as the piston.


Also, there is some doubt now as to whether a pistol grip automatically triggers 922r. A consistent application would say that it doesn't, but they've never been particularly consistent.


I would appreciate it if you would update your calculator to reflect these, since a fair number of people do refer to it. 17 a month is a lot when you consider that those people often end up being the ones who explain it to others.

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I'll be happy to update.


Just to clarify...

  • Even though the sear and the trigger are literally two different pieces they are considered one part?
  • Does the puck still constitute a part?



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First question:

  • Even though the sear and the trigger are literally two different pieces they are considered one part?


The AK fire control group has 3 pieces: 1 hammer , 2 trigger (which is one piece with the sear, and has been only counted as the trigger in opinion letters), 3 disconnector. [perhaps you were thinking of this as the sear?]


So the trigger/sear is considered 1 part: the "trigger"*


Second quesiton:

  • Does the puck still constitute a part?

Short answer: Yes. It counts as the "Piston" for 922r purposes.

Longer answer: What changed is that the part that would be considered the piston on a normal AK is now considered by ATF letters to be an "operating rod" so that adds one more part to the total. Previously it had been referred to as the "bolt carrier extension" and was treated as one part with the carrier.

Thus a sporting saiga 12 or 20 has 15 numbered parts counting the "operating rod"


* While I don't know of a direct answer to this question, most people think that a thumbhole stock other than the OEM model would be treated as 2 parts: buttstock and pistol grip. Obviously this is not consistent logic with how they treat the receiver/ front trunion, or how they treat the trigger/sear.

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