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Dunno. I saw a few similar stories when I worked at a jail & the prosecutor's office.


changing enough details to keep from breaking ethics stuff, I wish I could tell you the whole story straight because it was much funnier.


one guy who wasn't allowed to have guns tried to pawn a friend's rifle at a shop near the PD. They found out he wasn't allowed to have it and he didn't have the mag. They figured out by the stuff that he was missing, etc. that it wasn't his, and he admitted as much. Then he picked up the rifle which they had just established lacked magazine and ammo and pointed it at the staff of this pawnshop which was primarily a gun store and demanded cash. The shop attendant promptly drew his CCW and dummy ran off. Shop owner shot him a bit (long after justifiable threat ended, but no charges) The dummy actually had a pretty good attitude about the thing and I wish I could tell you what he said to the cops and to the guy who shot him.


I've probably worked on a half dozen cases where theives or assailants were caught because their sagged pants fell down and tripped them.

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