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M+M m10 556 nato

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I've seen the M10 before. Loved the profile of the gas block. sadly, my pursuit is a 556 ak.... and I already have a 762.


ive seen very few pictures of it, but supposedly there is a 556 version of the m10. I want that gun.




Atlantic Firearms has a misrepresented pic of the 762 m10... that's a 556 mag.


their ad is for the 762, im trying to find it in 556.




[note, my reason for liking this specific gun so much is because the front post is hooded, not open. if I can't find this ill go back to my original build and do a saiga/vepr in 556 with a Krebs rear peep.]



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There was talk about a M10 5.56 being manufactured and imported, but I don't think it ever happened. The one in the photo appears to be a Promag 5.45x39 magazine - they probably just used the marketing photo from the M10 5.45.


If you really want that particular FSB - also look for used Romanian Champion 5.56 pistols. They have the same GB/FSB as the M10, and are basically a Draco in 5.56.


edit: the early STG-2000 rifles in cal 5.56 will also have the hooded FSB/GB. Note that you are looking for the ones WITHOUT receiver dimples - the later dimpled models are I.O. inc-produced rifles. The earlier non-dimpled versions are Romanian WASR-3 rifles dressed up to look like the StG-940.


Keep in mind that an M10 in 5.56 would essentially be just a WASR-3 with a different FSB/GB. Cugir basically stopped making the WASR-3 because of poor reputation, most of which came from originally shipping the gun with the wrong magazines - they originally included German 5.45x39 surplus magazines..

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