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new Vepr-- first time at the range

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I have been going back and forth about getting a Ruger gunsite or back to Vepr. I decided to come back to the Vepr after I couldn't find enough verifiable information about using the gunsite scout and steel case ammo.


I figure I already have a Savage 99e 308 lever action so the Vepr was the way to go. I am so glad I did.



I had to jerry rig the stock with a an old plastic tapco stock put a slip on limb saver and wrapped DIY favorite tool "duct tape".

It still had some side to side wiggle but hey it worked. I just wanted to get it out and get it on paper. next I cut the grip of the stock it came with .


this is going to look ugly but I couldn't wait to take it out to the range.




I began sighting it in at 25-50 and 100 yards respectfully. I had my girl friend calling the hits. The very top dots were because I was thinking of my revolver sights. Turning down thinking the POI would lower. Once I realized the error of my ways, front sight down meant POI was going, up I corrected my POI.


These were at 100yds - Shoot and See 6 inch target, iron sights, stock trigger no polishing, very bright sunny day, 145 grain MFS steel case ammo. I was shooting seated with the hand guard on an x-rest http://www.montiegear.com/X_Rest.html


Not bad for that ammo, old man with bad eyes and a weapon set up that way.


I am one happy puppy. can't wait to get the stock set up correctly.


I traded for a houge grip but I think I may just finish the wood grip and use one of my solid rear stocks.




Now I get to use all that steel I have with no worries. It also allows me the time to build a stash of 308 brass.


I just need to pick up a few 20 round mags and figure out how to get the thread protector off without bugger it up.

If anyone wants to Pm me with the down and dirty I would appreciate it.


Perma Grin!!!!

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Removing the muzzle cap is easy. You grind the weld over and material that covers the pin till you see a black fracture in the shape of the pin. Then you rotate the muzzle cap (with vise grips if needed.) and use the natural rotation of the cap to drive the pin out. After that, keep going and unscrew the whole thing.

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