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Krebs iron sights sit too low / tromix stock sits too high

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I just purchased the Krebs iron sights, which gives a good sight picture. Problem is, I cant look through them very well with my tromix stock. It seems a lot of the AR15 style stocks on converted saigas angle down a little bit, which is not the case with the tromix. If I get a proper cheek weld, I am looking over the top of the ghost ring. To get a good sight picture, I have to turn my head stupid and have the stock sit against the side of my cheekbone.


I have a low profile side picitanny mount, so I'm thinking of maybe getting a low profile picitanny peep sight to put on it. It will still sit a good piece higher than the one on the dovetail, so I am worried the krebs front sight may not adjust high enough to be a practical combination.


Anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any advice.

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Glad you figured out your issue. Please let us know how you like these sights. I've been eyeballing them for a while, but just haven't gone ahead and made the purchase. I like the idea of the front sight way out front like on my AK's.

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My krebs are in front of an AR tube mounted on the SGM internal trunnion replacement. It has a tiny downward angle and fits just great. I see in the second post that you have a folder so that won't help ya much unless you decide to ditch it, but yeah, there ya go. And congrats on gettin it figured out

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