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Spartan Buckshot in S12?

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Hi guys! I came across the Spartan Buckshot on gun-deals and was curious if anyone here has any experience with it in the Saiga 12.


The pictures look like it is star crimped instead of roll crimped, which is good for our drums vs. other discount rounds like Rio Royal or S&B/Wolf. SGAmmo shows it in a drum working on Youtube.


Has anyone here personally tried it in your Saigas? Any issues? It appears to be low brass, so how is the power?


Pricing is $100-$120/250, so it is priced right for range use.



Sorry for the watermarked pic, but it showed the crimp best.

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I have a big gun show coming to town next weekend and I usually pickup the Winchester Ranger buckshot when I'm there which works in the Saiga 12, but is much more expensive and therefore not as freely and quickly dispersed at the range.

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If you are using them for a drum, you could call up SG ammo and ask them to physically measure the round.


MD 20 Max OAL 61.5 mm, 2.42"


Promag seems to be a bit tighter, so apparently they require a little shorter rounds: ProMag 20 Max OAL 57.15mm 2.25"


If you end up buying the stuff, please put the info in here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0Uu1DF-59PdFdmenV3ZThCbVEzNEg2WXFnYXhXSFE#gid=0

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There's a video of Sam (I think) running these shells in a Pro Mag 20 round drum in the listing. I snagged one case but I haven't gotten to test them yet.

Thanks Squishy! Let us know how they are when you get them.


I will wait 'til next week at the gunshow before I decide if I am going to order some.


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