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Browning SA22 semi-auto (jams, a lot)

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I own a browning sa22, made in japan model. It was a gift from my dad many years ago and over time it jams about once, sometimes twice every 12 to 13 rounds. I've used many different brands of .22lr. It shoots best with cci's but still jams. The bullet gets mis-aligned and fails to cycle into the chamber.


Anyone own one of these or has had the same issue? I clean her well and that still doesn't totally fix the issue. Thanks all.

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What kind of jams?


Fail tofeed, stove pipe, fail to eject?


I don't know the model, but any of those are common to .22 target pistols.


Fail to feed can be a matter of tweaking the magazine or feed ramp.


Fail to eject is probably the most common, and your statement about CCI leans toward this. Softer recoil spring, deburring rough stuff (including roughly milled chamber, which can be finding a q-tip type dremmel attachment and lightly rouge-ing the chamber) A more radical fix can be to drill holes on the inside of the slide to reduce mass with some target pistols.... Obviously not the first resort, but has worked for others.

At a guess, I'd start with finding friction points and smoothing them out. Then clean for grit very thoroughly, find a lube that doesn't give much drag. Numrich might sell a softer recoil spring.

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Oops. I missed that. sorry.


So tweak the mag/ feed ramp. And/Or stick to round nose profile ammo. I still find that feed angle can be effected by how fast the bolt is moving, which makes sense with CCI ammo.


OP- Can you see how the rounds point in relation to the ramp/ chamber area? With most magazine's feed lips , a very slight to the feed lips tweak outward toward the front of the magazine will aim the cartridge up more. The converse is also true. It is possible that this gap has widened as your gun wore in.

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