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Version 02/Super Horizontal Sight Adjustment?

vepr 02 super sight adjust

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#1 SpetsnazGRU



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Posted 26 August 2013 - 08:44 AM

Hey guys. I have a Verp Super and a buddy of mine has a regular 308 with the front sight integrated into the gas block (v. 02). Both guns came with the sights horizontally "dead on", but after my buddy installed a CSS aluminum hand-guard, it changed his barrel harmonics and now his gun is shooting a bit to the left of PoA. We tried to fix this by using a typical AK sight adjustment tool (UTG, I believe), but it didn't work, seemingly because the cylindrical sight base on the rifle is slightly larger than the round hole on the sight adjustment tool. Cursory fitting showed that my Super seems to be the same way - the sight base cylinder doesn't fit into the hole on the tool. I have successfully used this sighting tool to adjust the sights on my S308 and my SGL21 before. This leads me to believe that the sight base diameter on my buddy's Vepr 308 v. 02 and my Vepr Super 308 are slightly larger. 

Has anyone run into the same problem? Should I try another brand of sighting tool or maybe slightly enlarge the diameter of the hole on this UTG tool by using a round file or something? I would rather not result to the punch and hammer method and risk scuffing a nice weapon. Danke. 

#2 saltydecimator



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Posted 25 September 2013 - 10:03 AM

might try another brand... it seems to me like the rear adjusmetn gets ya 2" shift at 50 yards...

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