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Well finally found a switch for the broken on in my Kobra (after only a year): The Omron D2F-01 looks to be a direct replacement for the switches in the Kobra. It's about 0.020 thicker and the mounting holes are a little bigger, but otherwise it's the same.


1) Remove the battery


2) Remove the seven screws out of the bottom plate.


3) The bottom plate is sealed with a tar-like black sealant that would soften with a little heat. It seems like the only way to get it off is to drill at least one small hole at the edge of the plate and then apply heat and try to ease it off with a dental pick. It's not made to come off easy. The drilled hole(s) could be later tapped and filled with a set screw or epoxy.


4) Remove the six screws out of the switch (side) plate, and remove it.


5) Remove the two m2x5 screws that attach the circuit board and ease it out of the way. This exposes the four switches.


6) Remove the two m1x8 screws that attach the damaged switch mounting plate. Be careful the screws are extraordinarily fragile. Note: the mounting plate itself is held in place by two m2x5 flat head screws, one each under each switch.


7) Use a soldering iron to remove the wires off the switch. Be careful not to loose track of which one goes to which connection.


8) Solder the wires onto new switch. Note: the Omron switch has the same connection layout as the Russian switch: COM on the plunger end, NC opposite end, NO in the middle.


9) Reassemble in the opposite order. You'll need a tiny washer to mount the new switch. You'll have to fabricate one using a 1mm drill and an old soda or food can.


Other items of note:


- Screws: If you lose an m2 screw, you can find m2 screws on eBay or a RC hobby store. If you lose an m1 screw, I have only found them available on eBay out of Europe.


- Soldering: Unless you have a jewelers vice, you need three hands for the soldering: One to hold the switch, one to hold the wires, and one to hold the soldering iron.

- Weatherproofing: You should be able to seal the unit using a small amount of black silicone applied with a toothpick.


And as always, "your mileage may vary."





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I just got a Saiga with a Kobra attached. The knob was broken off and disassembly showed me that the pot metal cam shaft is broken. How can the Kalinka parts kit be used to repair this problem? I looked at their kit and did not find any pot metal cam. Any help you can provide on this subject would be appreciated.

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