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Russian guy making polymer Vepr Super furniture

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I discovered this on guns.ru forums.


This guy Dmitry in Novosibirsk, who has been doing this for a while and is reputable, makes custom polymer stocks for all kinds of guns, including the Vepr Super.


Here's his basic one:




Here's his adjustable one, which is bout 2x the price:




Here's a prototype that he's working on right now:




Just thought I'd share. I'd love to have that adjustable stock.


Edit: Fixed the images, by attaching them here, instead of linking to guns.ru

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have you talked to him to see if he can ship to U.S. ? maybe offer a group buy, I am down to get the basic one, let me know and we will work on it.

No. Haven't e-mailed him yet. Before I plop any more dough into my Super, I want to make sure that I can get the damn top mount to quit working itself loose after a few shots. I am currently trying a new config, with the "quick release" lever on the left side. It looks promising, but I need to take the rifle to the range and test it out. If that doesn't work out, I will contact another dude in Russia, who makes a solid "always-on" mount (with clearance for removing the receiver cover) and see if he will ship his product to the US. His guns.ru forum thread says that the weight for that product now extends into 2014.


I am also wondering if the Ronin's Grips guy would consider doing a group order for polymer Super stocks. It seems like a good project for him.

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