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Chinese SKS 22lr

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I didnt pay 5000.00 for it and i wouldnt expect to sell it for (maybe someone would pay that), that but if someone had a chinese dragunov laying around i would tade for it .I only paid 200 at a pawn shop for it .rumor is it is to have it;s own mag for it ,in the style of a 10/22 mag.but i dont have it .it does use 10/22 mags that it came with from the shop.

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take it over to survivors sks forum, someone there will know or be able to find out.


very rare. only more elusive SKS are the .223 models that were being prototyped just before the ban...only a few made it to the US or Canada.

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I have taken it to a man who use to sell norinco sks,and polytech ak and who had been there at the factory and he was pretty sure it is factory.It is posted on sks surviors broads and no one has really replied any information just comments i was hoping for better answers .If anyone is interested it is under sks pics ,it is easier to read it there then for me to post it here.There are detailed pics on there. and a email for a guy that said he was at the 1993 shot show and he tried to get them but because it was cheaper to buy a 7.62 x39 then to make the 22lr as it was cheaper to buy a ruger 10/22 back then and then the ban happened.The sks 22 is suppose to have its own magazine, There is a guy who posted back in 2007 on the sks forum saying he has one, but is is a old thread and i tried emailing him no answer yet .It shoots fine if i rapid fire then it FTF. but it is very accurate .The hardest part if one wanted to make one id the bolt ,it is made of aluminum .

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