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red_heart.gif Wow holy shiot look at all the love here!! Thanks guys! :-) 027.gifcheckered_flag.gif


Sorry took me so long to get online and find this thread. sick.gif Partied my fuckin ass off yesterday and STILL feeling it. Holy Jello Shots Batman! 004.gif

Racegal and I had a few good friends over and cooked out, had fun with some bows & shotguns, busted some skeet over the pond with the Saigas & Vepr 12, 022.gif Ran another 100 rds of ammo through the new csspecs steel mag (without issues now that I fixed the feed lips...), drank a shitload of Budweiser, Wild Blue Lager (holy 8% wtf hit me...lol) before the cooler full of Sandi's rum & vodka jello shots came out.... Oh yeah and then we ate some hot dogs...021.gif

I think she got some pics & video of us skeet shooting if I can get em and post em. Good times!


My buddy brought me an awesome B Day present to carry my Kimber in now under my jacket. Sweet! 030.gifpost-1293-0-08563300-1378061252_thumb.jpg


Ended the night with a kickass bonfire inferno and rockin tunes. 027.gif

Here's a few pics.

From the other day with Max helping me pile on some limbs. It ended up almost twice this size...lol.





This pic was taken from about 40 yds away up at the house. HOT fire...lol.




Thanks for the B Day wishes y'all! Had a damn blast!

Ready for another year now.... (and another beer now) beer.gif

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