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Anyone using current mil-surp stuff?

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Who else is drinking the mil surp kool aid?


Pending the situation I've got in the stash a full core rifleman set with the LB molle vest, AR mag pouches, Pistol mag pouches, camelback hydration system, etc


Interceptor plate carrier, with all the necessary mag pouches and a Blackhawk serpa molle webbed. (anyone have any sapi plates? Hehe)


The three day assault pack has an advanced combat tent. Not extremely light weight but its a great tent, IFAK kit, couple mre's and basic survival goodies with a few survival tools in molle pouches webbed to the exterior.

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What, no ninja headband?!?!?!?

All kidding aside, the stuff is good but if and until we go all apocalyptic, I'd rather travel well under the radar of most. BTW, the ICS is a great tent.

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I'm not really using my stuff with the intent to bug out with it. But most of the stuff is quite nice for camping and tactical style shooting events for people on a budget.

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Not to sidetrack your thread but I've been doing solo camping for over 20 years now (pretty much if I'm not workin I'm in the woods). I go all 4 seasons up to a week at a stretch and I stopped packing a tent along time ago. I do carry a waterproof bivy sack but its no bigger than a can of pop and weighs only a few ounces. I think a tent is not needed and takes up valuable space that could be used for more important gear.

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I run with alice gear.  Some of mine dates back to WW II. (mess kit, canteen cup, ect)  The snap pup tents can be really useful for making bigger hooches.  Want a dirt cheap tent?  Make a tube tent with black visqueen and black ag tape.  Works great, waterproof, and doesn't take up much space.


For NBC, I'm running Chech M10 masks instead of M17's.  I'd be more worried about riot agents than CW agents.


And if those MOPP suits aren't in the factory sealed bags, they're worthless!  Keep all NBC filters and suits sealed as long as possible.  If the possibility of use exists, then open the bags and prep the filters.

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