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"The harp program" is actually HAARP, the High Altitude Auroral Research Program. Basically a bunch of microwave emitters beaming into the upper atmosphere about 100 miles from Fairbanks Alaska. You can actually see the fringes of the project on the train from Anchorage to fairbanks.


As for "pulling matter out of thin air" it actually happens zillions of times a second in any given area of vaccuum. "Virtual particles" pop into existance, and instantly annihilate each other. (Think a proton and antiproton pair so close to each other they can't possibly not attract and collide) This is actually what causes Hawking Radiation from black holes (The black hole eats one half of the virtual particle, leaving us with either a Proton or Antiproton)


A sufficiently advanced alien race could theoretically use this to pull matter out of nowhere, with a side effect of getting an equal mass of antimatter at the same time. As to how to do that. . . only way we can conceive of now is to be near the edge of a black hole. . .

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